A Mastered Degreed Chemical Engineer by trade, Chanel has cracked the code on how to successfully brand, fund, and launch small businesses. Beyond The Book Media transforms faith-based business owners into becoming the AUTHORITY in their niche. BTBM helps brands write books in 21 days, publish non-fiction books (ROYALTY-FREE), create revenue-generating communities, and gain impact and influence for their target audiences. Not only do they help their authors through the entire creative process, they offer additional resources and courses for them to expand their knowledge and expertise as authors.
Can you tell everyone, who is Chanel E. Martin?

Chanel E. Martin is a mom, a wife, a serial entrepreneur, an ordained minister, a publisher, and someone who loves to help people walk into purpose.

Can you tell us about your publishing company, Beyond The Book Media?

Beyond The Book Media was started as a way to help myself finish my book quickly. It started as a small group of people that quickly grew to thousands of established and inspiring authors. We created a 7-day writing plan and formula that helped more specific brands, leaders, and influencers write books in as little as 7 days. In addition to that, we also help brands and authors publish their books. Here at Beyond The Book Media we offer full boutique publishing services and marketing services as well.

What led you to go from Chemical Engineering to wanting to start a publishing company?

I am an engineer at heart. I became a chemical engineer because I actually wanted to create and make my mark in the hair and beauty industry. I learned that chemical engineers help create and manufacture beauty products. I got really close to that with my first company called Myavana. I am the co-founder of that company, and I operated that company as an active co-founder for about four years before I stepped down at the top of 2016. During that time period of being off, I started doing coaching and consulting and actually wrote my first book which is a fundraising guide and e-book that helped people raise money based on the experiences that I had as a beauty tech entrepreneur. That also led me to write my first book ‘31 Prayers for Spiritual Wealth’ and I wrote that book in 31 days. So when I was trying to write my NEXT book I was really struggling and realized that if I had a community I could write my book faster. So I put together a group of people and we started finishing ouR books in two weeks. Then I had the idea that what if I could help people write their books in 7 days? So, using my engineering background, I created a system that would help you meet certain word counts using my accelerated outline. This really helped people finish their books within 7-30 days! And so, our job as a publishing company is to help people create products and share their knowledge and information to produce generational wealth.

Can you explain what are the origins and present endeavors of Beyond The Book Media?

Beyond The Book Media to date has helped thousands upon thousands of authors write books in 7 days. We have had the privilege of hosting virtual events every quarter. I believe we have hosted about 12 of them since our start in 2019. We also have a live event called ‘From Manuscript to Marketplace’ which is our annual conference where we gather our authors and help them write and sell more books.

We actually have an in-person studio in Alpharetta GA, which is a suburb outside of ATL, and in that location, we host monthly networking events for authors and entrepreneurs. We have a few rooms and spaces in the building to serve as content production studios for our authors as well. We are just all about evolving our authors because many of our authors are entrepreneurs/brands and they are looking to establish themselves in their niche by writing books.

What is some unique approach to book publishing?

I believe that we have a unique approach to book publishing because we use our accelerated model in which we help people get their ideas out faster. And also, with this being a faith-based business we use supernatural resources to help authors write books faster. I am a Christian and we have a method that we use called ‘writing with the Holy Spirit in which we allow the Holy Spirit to give us divine downloads to help us write our books faster. And honestly, that’s how our authors write their books pretty quickly. We have tons of testimonials that are on our websites that can attest to the fact that our process actually works. We are also really focused on making sure authors understand that they are responsible for marketing and selling their books because you don’t just write a book to put it on a shelf, you write a book to make sure you are walking in your influence and in your authority.

Aside from book publishing, what are some other courses that they offer?

We actually can teach you how to turn your book into a course. We have an entire program called ‘Book To Course’, so if you’ve written a book and aren’t making as much money as you think you should be making, you can take our course and it will help you turn your book into a money-making course. We also teach you how to create and publish a workbook as well.

We offer a program called ‘Beyond The Book Influencers’ which is a monthly mentorship program in which we drop new classes monthly. In the past, we taught members how to create and build a community plan as well as how to plan a successful pre-launch.

We also host a lunch and learn every month where the goal is to teach, train, and equip our authors with the tools needed to be successful.

What advice can you provide to those that would like to become an author?

I would say just get up and write! And make sure you have an outline. Beyond The Book Media offers an accelerated outline approach as well as a book called ‘Write Your Book In 7 days which can be purchased on Amazon or you can connect with us at and I will get you a digital copy for free.

Most people make the mistake of not writing an outline and they want to free-write. So, my biggest piece of advice would be to get clear on what book you are writing and put that outline together!

What would you like our views to gain from this interview?

I would like them to realize that if they are interested in writing a book, we are a resource. It doesn’t have to take you ten years to write a book. You can finish a book quickly with the right guidance, expertise, and teaching. We at BTBM have created that resource, we have been around for over 3 years, and we have the testimonials to prove that our process is successful.

How can people connect with you to learn more?

IG/FB @ChanelEMartin


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