Does the topic of Rejection make you cringe? Have you had experience with both sides of the fence, as the rejector and the rejected?  What are your deal breakers in relationships and how do we stay true to our standards while dating???

These are all things that were addressed this weekend at CheMinistry’s Relationship Panel on Rejection, at the Gathering Spot this past Saturday. — CheMinistry founder Chanel Scott has missions and messages through her work that are touching the masses, as we’ve had the chance to experience the people’s receipt of the insight and gems dropped by the panel.

Celebrity Panelists were DEELISHIS @iamsodeelishis, Public Figure and Influencer, MARTELL HOLT @martellholt, TV Personality on Love & Marriage: Huntsville, DARRYL DRAKE @darryldrake, Business Mogul, REBECCALYNNPOPE @rebeccalynnpope, Abundant Life and Love Coach and host on OWNTV, TAMMY RIVERA @charliesangelll, Entrepreneur and Reality TV Star on WE tv’s Waka & Tammy and house favorite Performing LIVE DESMOND CHAMPION @desmondchampion, Singer and Musician.

The evening was filled with great energy, excitement, food and beverage, cash bar, live entertainment, vendors, Blue Carpet interviews, audience engagement and fan photos; such great hospitality! — PR Queen and Love Advocate, Christal Jordan lead the engagement, introducing host and woman of the hour, Chanel Scott. 

Many elite professionals and VIP Guests were also in attendance; such as Tamra Simmons, Six Figure Spa Chick, Dr. Aludan Tartt, The Lovepreneurs, Keisha Green, and more! 

Live production was in place, as CheMinistry has officially been picked up by FOX Soul, after years of Ms. Scott creating impact and enrichment for the community. 

We are looking forward to more of what this amazing platform has to offer and we are always here for advancement within the POC community, that strengthens the partnerships and relationships of men and women.