As you level up in life, pay close attention to those who surround you. Sometimes we try to hold on to people who weren’t meant to finish the journey but were in our lives for a season. As we grow and get older, we receive change in certain areas but fear it in others. Because we go through so much with certain people, we expect to celebrate with them when we make it never taking into consideration that they may not be with us. Holding on to dead weight will only cause a struggle for you pulling you away from where you’re going.  Sometimes those happy faces are temporarily in front of you and appear another way behind your back. Everybody won’t be strong enough to go through the challenges it’ll take to make it to your destiny; that’s why many are chosen but few will see the vision. Life would be so easy if we could make it without test; if we didn’t have to experience hardships or struggles, but what would we value in those times if we received what we wanted without a challenge? God created us with a gift that is unique to our design that will help someone else who was created with their gift to do what they were created to do and so on. Your circle is not a reflection of your talents and gifts but of everyones ability in your life that surrounds and was made to benefit each of you up to a certain point. If you don’t release those people that are holding you back, you may never know what it’s like to actually be in the presence of what you’ve envisioned. Release not only the dead weight but the materialistic objects distracting you from the next level as well. Temporary pleasures come and they go but if you’re diligent in what you’re doing, in due season you will reap a harvest so big you’ll be able to have anything you want without asking. I know it’s hard, but I promise it is so worth it when you realize that you can do everything you’ve imagined and some. Life is about love and choices, choose not only what makes you happy but what will get you closer to your purpose fulfilling the desires of your heart. And who knows, maybe those people are temporarily removed from your life for you to reach a certain level and you’ll cross paths again. I’m not saying to expect it but it’s possible. And if they return then you’ll know it was meant to be and you can share the new lessons and blessings you learned along the way.