Just recently, Charity Washington opened up her boutique in Carolina Place Mall in Charlotte, North Carolina and she is already planning a second location later this year. In addition to being a boutique owner, Washington was a stylist that created captivating looks for celebrities across the globe. We caught up with Charity to discuss her grand opening, her journey, and much more!

When did your love for fashion begin?

My love for fashion began when I was in high school. I actually styled people in high school, I was the girl that went shopping with students (laughs). I knew I had to get good grades growing up in order to get into The University of North Carolina. They didn’t have a fashion program at the time. I actually went to school for fashion marketing.

photo by Ray Thomas

How would you describe your journey to opening up your boutique in Charlotte, North Carolina?

My journey started just from styling. After I had children, I had to transition to something that I could do locally. I started to have my first store in Atlanta Elle Mari with a partnership with Lena Huggar. I just knew that I should’ve had a store in Charlotte because I lived in Charlotte. I was hesitant so I started with a store in Atlanta but I came back to Charlotte and opened up a store in August 2019. It’s been pretty amazing.

What can you tell us about the opening of a second location in 2020?

I will be opening in South Park Mall. The Carolina Place store I did by myself but this location, I am bringing in Nina Thomas. This is kind of a dream because growing up, I used to go to this mall to hang out. It’s cool that I’ll be having a store here. It’s kind of the high end mall in Charlotte. You have Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Louis Vuitton, all these big brands and now they’ll have Captivate. I’m excited to be doing something big like that.

photo by Stacey Bozeman

What can we expect to see from Charity in the future?

You can expect to see more expansion. Also, we’ll be going forward with things online. I want to captivate the world. To captivate the world, I have to reach everyone. Yes we’re a store but we want that online presence as well. Wherever you are, I want everyone to be captivated. To see myself around the world and see this business around the world is very exciting. 

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Featured Image by Stacey Bozeman