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Chart-topping and soul-stirring  recording artist Antwan Jenkins, drops his latest infectious single, “Let’s Praise Him.” 

With its infectious rhythm and heartfelt lyrics, the song is poised to captivate listeners, inviting them to join in a joyous celebration of faith and worship.

“Let’s Praise Him” showcases Antwan Jenkins’ exceptional vocal prowess and his deep-rooted passion for spreading the message of love, hope, and gratitude.

The song encapsulates a powerful expression of praise and adoration, encouraging listeners to find solace and inspiration in the embrace of faith.

Combining elements of contemporary gospel and uplifting melodies,

“Let’s Praise Him” offers an invigorating musical experience that resonates with people from all walks of life.

Antwan Jenkins’ rich and soulful voice takes center stage, effortlessly conveying the song’s uplifting message and creating a sense of unity among listeners.

In discussing his latest single, Antwan Jenkins remarked, “I am thrilled to share ‘Let’s Praise Him’ with the world. This song is more than just music; it is a celebration of faith and an expression of gratitude. I hope that it touches the hearts of listeners and reminds them of the power of praise and worship.”

The song’s heartfelt lyrics emphasize the importance of gratitude and worship, reminding audiences of the transformative power of faith and the limitless blessings that surround us.

Antwan Jenkins is known for his distinctive sound and his ability to infuse traditional gospel elements with contemporary flair.

His previous releases Victory, More of You, and I Will Wait have garnered critical acclaim and have touched the hearts of listeners worldwide.

“Let’s Praise Him” is poised to further solidify his position as a talented artist and a beacon of inspiration for audiences everywhere.

The single “Let’s Praise Him” is now available on all music streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, and Amazon Music.

About Antwan Jenkins:

Antwan Jenkins is an acclaimed gospel artist known for his passionate and soul-stirring music. With a distinct voice and a dedication to spreading messages of faith, hope, and love, Antwan has touched the hearts of listeners worldwide. His music resonates with audiences of all backgrounds, inspiring them to embrace the power of worship and to find solace in the embrace of spirituality. To learn more about Antwan Jenkins and his music, please visit

For more information and the latest updates on Antwan Jenkins, visit his social media channel @antwanjenkins.

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