In a groundbreaking collaboration, the exceptionally talented singer, songwriter, and recording artist Jai has partnered with Story Records, in association with Re:Think/Capitol CMG, Inc., to present their eagerly awaited new single by The Story Collective called “God Like You,” featuring the phenomenal 1ne Chance.

Hailing from the vibrant and eclectic music scene of Atlanta, Georgia, Jai has firmly established herself as a remarkable songwriter, with a noteworthy portfolio of songs penned for esteemed artists.

Story Records, a trailblazing faith-based record label, is taking the music industry by storm with their unique approach to music. Their inaugural release, “Holy,” featuring The Story Collective and Da’ T.R.U.T.H., set the stage for what promises to be a series of groundbreaking musical endeavors.

The executive team at Story Records is a powerhouse of talent, with notable figures such as Cappriccieo Scates, a Chief Operating Officer renowned for his achievements in the music industry. Emanuel Lambert, formerly known as Da T.R.U.T.H., brings his creative genius as Chief Creative Officer, boasting an impressive array of accolades including Grammy nominations and Stellar Awards.

At the helm of Story Records stands Sam Collier, a top 20 Gospel Billboard Producer, international speaker, and Christian influencer, serving as Chief Executive Officer, driving the label’s visionary pursuits.

“God Like You,” the much-anticipated single born from this exciting partnership, is now available on all major digital streaming platforms. With Jai’s remarkable vocal prowess and the unique flair of 1ne Chance, this single promises to take listeners on a transcendent musical journey. Its release marks a significant milestone in the careers of both Jai and Story Records, reaffirming their commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic excellence.

Don’t miss the chance to experience “God Like You” – a musical masterpiece that defies convention and sets a new standard for soul-stirring music. Stay tuned for more from Jai, as her creative journey continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

In addition to her music, Jai is expanding her creative footprint with the development of a book and a television show. Her multifaceted approach to entertainment and storytelling reflects her commitment to sharing her experiences and inspirations with a broader audience.

Jai’s openness to collaboration is a hallmark of her creative journey. She eagerly welcomes opportunities to work with labels and fellow artists, eager to contribute her unique perspective and artistic flair to the ever-evolving music landscape.

As Jai immerses herself in the vibrant cultural scene of Atlanta, her fans, both old and new, can anticipate a fresh wave of music and creative projects that promise to inspire and connect on a profound level.

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About Jai:

Jai is a nationally recognized recording artist, singer-songwriter, and GMA Dove Award nominee known for her exceptional talent and contributions to the gospel music genre. With an impressive musical resume, she has earned recognition for her chart-topping hits and impactful collaborations. Jai’s relocation to Atlanta, Georgia, marks an exciting phase in her career, where she continues to create exceptional music, work on a book and a television show, and welcomes collaborations with labels and fellow artists. Her dedication to her craft and her commitment to storytelling through music are at the core of her creative journey.

During the past four years, Jai co-hosted the immensely popular “Talk It Out” podcast alongside Joyce Meyer, amassing an impressive audience of over 11 million listeners and achieving international recognition. Their candid and insightful discussions resonated with audiences worldwide, making the podcast a go-to source for thought-provoking conversations. Jai’s engaging presence and dynamic communication skills shone through, contributing to the podcast’s remarkable success. Her impact extended beyond the audio realm, as the program is also regularly featured on Joyce Meyer’s widely televised program, “Enjoying Everyday Life,” further solidifying her influence as a compelling and relatable voice in the world of personal development and spirituality.

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Photo Credits: Courtesy of JAI