For the longest time, I tried my best not to download TikTok. It wasn’t until the beginning of 2020 when i finally caved in and I’m so glad I did – because it’s my favorite app! I can always count on TikTok to give me a good laugh and surprisingly save my life with beauty hacks. There are so many viral hacks going across TikTok that it wouldn’t be fair if I kept it all to myself. Check out these beauty hacks on TikTok that saved my life and I know will save yours too.

Hair Rollers

Having blown out hair is everyone’s dream. I know for myself, hair rollers was something I struggled with big time! This TikTok user shared her best tip by sharing that you should leave your hair rollers in for at least ten minutes, in this video – she left them in for an hour and the results had me speechless.

@acquiredstyleThe secret to roller success #hairrollers #hairtutorial #salonblowoutathome♬ original sound – ACQUIRED STYLE

Get curls with socks?

Yes, you read that right. If you hate the amount of time it takes to curl your hair, then this hack is for you! This TikTok user showed us how to get beautiful curls using socks. She added leave-in conditioner and some fuzzy socks to twist the hair around. Simply go to sleep and wake up with beautiful curls.

@222bevReply to @brooke.simondsx has made my hair so healthy too! #hairtutorial #heatlesscurls #sockcurls♬ original sound – Bev

Soap for the brows

This one was a little odd, but if TikTok users are doing it and see results, then I must! This TikToker used a spoolie to run across a damp bar of soap to comb through her brows. I love how full they make the brows and how much more polished it looks. You barely have to do anything!

@blueyedcaiEyebrow tutorial ✨ using @benefitcosmetics eyebrow pencil and Pears soap to sculpt! ✨ #fyp #foryou #eyebrows #soapbrows #makeuptutorial #makeup♬ streets x needed me by adamusic – Adam Wright

Contouring the mouth

You’ve probably seen this trend going around for a while now, but have you ever tried it? I promise you the results are worth it. This TikToker showed us how to use a contour stick to line the sides of our mouth for a lifted lip.

@kyliekillzzzzWHY I CONTOUR AROUND MY LIPS. Try this contouring technique, tag me and use the hashtag #lipcontourchallenge♬ original sound – Kylie Larsen

You’ve been applying blush all wrong!

Blush isn’t just for the cheeks anymore – literally it can change the way you look if you apply it this way. This user used it in a way that will help you get a youthful, sunkissed glow.

@alessa.mikiHow blush literally changes your face shape #makeup101 #beginnermakeup #blushhacks

♬ Kiss My (Uh Oh) – Anne-Marie & Little Mix