We’re all about tutorials here at SHEEN Magazine. I know I can speak for myself and let you know that I spend hours a day, laying in bed watching beauty tutorials on YouTube. Why? I have no idea, but do I regret it? No. Is there something else I could be doing?

Possibly but I’d rather be watching tutorials. I found his new lip tutorial that is going viral in the Twitter world with over 1.2 million views! Naturally, I had to share with you all. Makeup artist, Jacinda Pender created an ombré lip tutorial and not only is it stunning but watching the video is in a way calming to me (laughs). She first uses a chocolate color eyeliner to line her lips. Different, yes. Intrigued? Absolutely.

After lining her lips, she fills it in with a lippie from Wet n Wild and blends it in with a pale-pink metallic shade from Tattoo Junkee Cosmetics.

For the last step, she adds a $1 gloss to add some shine. That easy and so beautiful!

Check it out below!