Female artists have been taking over the rap game as of late, and we love to see it. Insert Beanz, who not only embodies the true definition of a spitter, but is a student of hip-hop. Hailing from Redding, Pennsylvania, the Puerto Rican rapper jumpstarted her career on Netflix’ Rhythm & Flow, best known for her epic rap battle against Flawless as she stood her ground for audiences from all around the world.

Now, Beanz is excited as ever to be unleashing her highly-anticipated project titled TABLES TURN. A long time in the making, the album is spearheaded by lead single “Pink Drink,” inspired by her favorite drink at Starbucks. Tables Turn is an ode to Beanz discovering herself and taking a hold of her life and career, proving she’s just getting started in this music industry. 

Featured Image by Ace of LA