On the 27th, I turned 24 years old. Every year, I always create a yearly goal or “theme” for my new age. For Year 24, the theme is winning. I’m sure many people would ask, “Well why make that a one year goal?” It’s not, but that’s my main focus for the my new age.

For example, when I turned 23 years old, my goal was to become less coy and build my brand. Fortunately, I achieved it because that was my main focus and I had a drive to succeed.

I believe in creating yearly goals for yourself because it’s personal and it’ll give you something to look forward to. Some of us are too caught up in impressing the online world. We forget about ourselves and lack the motivation to build something only we could be proud of.

For some people, the life they live on social media is not the life they have in real life. I would much rather have the same life on and off line. So if I’m winning in real life, then I’d be winning on social media as well.

I’m very ecstatic about this year’s goal.

Let’s all win!

Cheers to 24!


Featured Image courtesy of Diamond’s Photography