Chelley Roy is an icon in her own right, a resilient entrepreneur, an author, and the founder of the Chelley Roy Show. In her upcoming fifth season, she continues to inspire and impact people’s lives. Not only is she a dynamic TV personality, but she’s also a celebrity designer and wardrobe stylist, as well as the CEO and founder of a fashion and luxury concierge service.

Chelley’s journey to success is not without its share of challenges. She’s faced adversity, trauma, and abuse, but she attributes her strength and resilience to her faith and natural-born survival skills. In her book, “Making a Boss,” Chelley has shared her inspiring story, highlighting her ability to overcome obstacles and come out stronger. She is also looking forward to turning her book into a movie, aiming to bring her powerful narrative to a broader audience.

The inspiration for “Making a Boss” comes from Chelley’s personal experiences, especially the tragic loss of her mother 25 years ago. Her mother’s murder deeply impacted her life and served as a driving force behind her determination. Chelley was resolved not to let her mother’s case go cold and sought justice for her. This pursuit of justice and healing led her to write her compelling memoir.

In 2015, Chelley founded the Chelley Roy Style and Agency, where she combines her love for fashion, patterns, textures, and colors into her work. She’s a trendsetter who exudes confidence and a love for color. Her unique approach to fashion revolves around the belief that fashion is about mindset, and it has a profound impact on one’s confidence and mental health.

While juggling a full-time job as a project manager, Chelley has embraced the life of a serial entrepreneur. Her strong organizational skills and commitment to balance make it possible for her to excel in both her career and her business ventures.

Chelley dedicates a part of her life to self-care. She believes that self-care is essential, especially for those who are natural givers. Putting her needs and well-being first enables her to be in the right state of mind to excel in all other aspects of her life.

In her busy daily life, there’s no fixed schedule. Chelley’s approach is to work on her own dreams with the same dedication that she would offer someone else’s dream during her nine-to-five job. 

Chelley’s advice is simple: never give up. The moment you think about giving up is precisely when blessings arrive. She emphasizes that anything worth having is worth working for and that growth often occurs during uncomfortable moments. Her journey from hardship to success is a testament to the power of self-belief and resilience. 

With her unique blend of fashion expertise, unwavering determination, and commitment to self-care, Chelley Roy continues to make a significant impact on the world, inspiring others to believe in themselves and chase their dreams with relentless passion.

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