Relationship Host, Speaker and Creator of CheMinistry, Chanel Nicole Scott, will officially premiere a new one hour special called CheMinistry on, FOX SOUL, Black community’s premiere free streaming platform on Monday, May 23 at 6PM PST.   CheMinistry is a relationship show created to bridge the gap between purpose-driven men and women who desire to progressively move their love life to the next level.

CheMinistry was created 7 years ago in Atlanta, Ga, and has also premiered in Charlotte, NC.  Over the years, the platform has grown as well as influence, CheMinistry was birthed from Chanel’s difficulties in relationships, and it chronicles her journey towards truth and honesty.  Our panelists are represented by some of pop culture’s most prominent celebrities and influencers who possess the ability to articulate the male and female perspectives in the context of romantic relationships, such as: MiMi Faust (Love and Hip Hop), Tara Wallace(Love and Hip Hop), Bishop Don (Black Ink), and Stephan Labossiere (Relationship Expert and Author).

Chanel jump-starts the conversation by first peeling back the layers surrounding some of the more critical issues that destroy romantic relationships in today’s culture. It is her belief that acknowledging our fears, our insecurities, and our pain will help create a new sense of awareness and a more objective perspective as the conversation ensues.

“I’m so excited to be a part of the FOX SOUL family, a community of creatives where I can see my vision be manifested right before my eyes. I’m truly blessed beyond measure. We chose FOX SOUL because it was important to find a network where it was equally as important to inspire and educate the viewers as well as entertain them. This crucial point was in direct correlation with what James DuBose, the head of programming at FOX SOUL, was in search of,” said Chanel Scott.

“We are thrilled to have CheMinistry join the FOX SOUL family and offer our viewers the opportunity to receive relationship advice first-handedly,” said General Manager and Head of Programming James DuBose.

Notably the Queen of Relationship Talk, she evokes transparent and candid dialogue on relational topics specifically geared toward sustaining intimate relationships between a man and a woman.

To appreciate CheMinistry, you must understand the woman behind it, you must understand how she views the world, the struggles she faced, and the enormous giants she had to fight through to get herself and the brand (one and the same) to where it is today. You see, CheMinistry is not just another artistic and innovative idea. It’s a philosophy, a state of mind, a collage of experiences that emerged out of Chanel’s life. It rivets the mind and the senses. CheMinistry is the embodiment of an interwoven process that tells a grand story from Chanel’s story to its next relationship platform.