Since her debut at the age of 16, multifaceted Rapper and Singer-Songwriter Tink continues to make her stamp in R&B music and prove she’s a force to be reckoned with. Making her grand return with album ‘Pillow Talk’, Tink delivers vulnerable, sexy and sultry melodic sounds that’s giving ‘Grown Woman’ vibes all day and night! Sheen Magazine had a chance to catch up with the Chicago Native to discuss her latest project ‘Pillow Talk,’ working with legendary Singer and Record Producer Babyface and what her fans can expect from her next. Check it out here!

Your latest album Pillow Talk, is the follow-up to 2021’s album Heat of the Moment. What was the inspiration and how did you decide the creative direction you wanted to go with this album?

This album is definitely different from my past albums. I always make emotional music but I think this album was a sexier vibe for me. The records have a very sultry, sexy, nighttime vibe. I wanted to put people in the mood or reminisce when you have a conversation with your partner at night. With me growing and becoming a woman, my conversations are so different now than when I first came out. So, I wanted to show that maturity and flex that grown woman vibe.

On this new album, my favorite song is “Cater” featuring 2 Chainz. How was it working with 2 Chainz and how did you decide that he needed to be on this record?

Working with 2 Chainz was such a pleasure. I was so honored because I grew up listening to him and I’m a big fan of all his music. He’s an Atlanta legend. So it was a big deal for him to jump on this record. When he recorded his verse he did it from his Atlanta studio and I was in Miami working at the time, so our first link up was at the Cater video set. I knew the record would be a smash. I wanted a guy’s perspective on this record to balance it out. Hitmaka helped make it happen and 2 Chainz was just a call away. It was all love and I was very grateful that he jumped on this record.

I’ve shared with you my favorite record on Pillow Talk. Now, share with us what your favorite record on this album is?

I really love “Ghetto Love” featuring GHerbo. You know he’s like Chicago royalty and I love the Chicago feel he helped bring to the record. The record feels like classic Tink and takes me back to 2012. Also, I just like collaborating with Chicago artists. We have so much talent in my city, so every time we link up it’s really special to me. Plus, “Ghetto Love” hits home for me. I know a lot of women can relate to that record as well, when you are going through some ghetto shit with a man (she laughs) and just being in love.

 You were featured on Babyface’s 13-track album titled, Girls Night Out! Share with us how you felt when you received that phone call and what it meant to you?

It really messed my head up. My parents love Babyface, so this collaboration was a big deal for me. I was nervous but excited because this was a legendary moment for me. It was a little pressure because when you’re in front of one of the greats you always want to do a great job but when I met him he was so motivating and one of the nicest producers I’ve ever worked with. We had a great time working together and it was very easy working with him.

 You’ve worked with producers like Timberland, Jeremih, Hitmaka and now Babyface. How important would you say it is to have the right producer when helping deliver/create an artist’s sound?

 I think it’s really important. Here’s the thing, before I met Hitmaka or Timberland I was working out of my basement and I was dropping a lot of mixtapes. So I was already naturally producing myself, so it’s a natural thing. When you have a vision for your album or a sound and a direction you want to go in, that is what producing is. Producing is putting all the pieces together, going through the records and making sure everything makes sense for a project. So when I met Hitmaka, Timberland and Babyface it’s always a different perspective that they add to the album. So, if it’s not yourself it’s very important to have the right producer to give you an outside opinion. Working with Hitmaka has really helped me grow and open up my musical taste.

You’ve had an awesome career remaining as an independent artist. Why was it so important for you to remain an independent artist instead of signing to a label? 

It was important to me because I’ve been signed to a label and I had a hard time adjusting to the format. Personally, for me I’m very particular and I have to be in control of my creativity. I like my music better when I’m in control. Of course, it’s pros and cons and for some artists a label works better. For me however, I enjoy being independent so I can keep the creative control of my craft.

Who were some of your musical inspirations growing up and why?

When I was growing up I started listening to Gospel music first because that is what my Mom was playing and I grew up in the church heavy. So a lot of my first musical inspirations were Gospel artists Yolanda Adams, CeCe Winans, Kirk Franklin. I fell in love with music through the church. However, as I grew older my musical inspirations were artists like SWV, TLC, Destiny’s Child, soulful girl groups are my favorite! As I crossed over into listening to rap, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is a classic for me and by the time I was in high school it was Nicki Minaj.

Although you’re still so young, you have so much experience in the music industry. What’s some advice you’d share with new artists trying to break into the industry?

My advice is only get into this industry if this is truly what you love to do. It’s not always glitz and glam, it’s a tough industry so if you really want to become an artist be passionate about your craft. Also, it’s so much space for an artist to be themselves. The game is so random and spontaneous, so you really have to be yourself to thrive in this industry. Don’t duplicate, be new, be fresh, be yourself!

What can our readers expect from Tink next?

There are alot of things I feel like I still need to conquer, so you can always expect new music from me. I am at a point in my life where I want to take everything to the next level.

With my album, we hit the Billboard charts for #42, but I’d like to have a top ten album. I would like to see my single hit the Billboard top #100, I just want to take things further.

So expect stronger records and better visuals.

If you haven’t heard it yet, be sure to listen to Tink’s latest album ‘Pillow Talk’ today!

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