On season 2 of Peace of Mind with Taraji, she and her bestie Tracie sit down with Chloe Bailey and beauty influencer Okaysophi to discuss how social media has affected their mental health.

On Peace of Mind with Taraji, the Golden Globe Award-winning actress teamed up with her best friend Tracie Jade to highlight mental health issues within the Black community through personal interviews with everyday people, experts, and celebrities.

Chloe Bailey, known for being a free-spirited beauty with a golden voice and genuine spirit, talks about how she learned to stay true to herself when dealing with negative comments.  “I think there was a collective of them and I can’t sit here and lie and say, oh, I’m bulletproof, nothing hurt me because it honestly did. And I think what hurt me the most was when I would see some post saying how I’m doing this for male attention, or I’m just trying to sell sex to get attention for myself. And at first, I was really getting sad about it, then I told myself, why would I let that control my thoughts and feelings when I know it’s a lie. So, it’s like, I kind of had to not give it so much power. I’m not doing anything crazy. I’m just appreciating and loving myself and my body. And I didn’t think there was any problem with that,” she said. 

Okaysophi, Taraji and the rest of the girls express similar sentiments about how they overcome cyber bullying and what keeps them going. For some love and encouragement, check out the season 2 finale of Peace of Mind with Taraji on Facebook Watch.