If you’re obsessed with red bottoms then get ready because your obsession is about to grow in a way you probably didn’t ever think it could.

This month, Christian Louboutin launched his first-ever collection of fragrances called Loubiworld. Say what?! Yes, you read that right. Just when you thought red bottoms couldn’t get better – the designer proved us wrong.

In a statement to Allure, he revealed that he’s always wanted to launch a fragrance line. If you thought he was just releasing one fragrance than you were clearly mistaken. He created seven fragrances!

This new collection nearly took two years to create. It’s super cool though because each scent was developed with a theme and has detailed packaging. He revealed to Allure that he wanted to take his time making this complete collection from the design of each bottle to the caps.

Each of the seven fragrances are inspired by a different culture. Louboutin’s goal was to take people to a “dream world.”

I couldn’t think of a better fragrance to rock nowadays, especially in midst of a pandemic!

To learn more about the new fragrances from Christian Louboutin, click here.