Let’s bring jazz back!  During a time when all music content sounds the same, music lovers are looking for something different and Christina Jones has the perfect solution for all the monotony.  She is currently working on an album which consists of original, heart-wrenching songs – all in the name of saving love. Further collaborators are Corey Allen (arranger & producer) who has previously worked with the Manhattan Transfer, Chuck Mangione, and Lou Rawls, as well as Latin Grammy winner Allan Leschhorn (sound engineer).

During the unprecedented times of COVID-19, divorce and breakup rates are steadily increasing, and Kimiko Ishizaka wrote these songs specifically to save her love and marriage. Christina Jones will give voice to the feelings and emotions of someone who has been left, and who is fighting to save that love.

The collaboration between Christina and Kimiko began during the pandemic lockdown when the two still managed to collaborate remotely to produce the first demo songs. Christina will travel to the Dominican Republic in 2021 to work with Corey Allen and Allan Leschhorn to complete the album.

Kimiko discovered Christina while watching a virtual orchestra video produced by students of the Berklee School of Music. After collaborating remotely throughout most of 2020, Kimiko said of Christina:

“Christina is a brilliant musician and powerful storyteller. Her voice brings songs to life, and I am thrilled that she has taken on the project of sharing my songs with the world.”

To receive news about the album, register here. The project demo is also available on Spotify.


All images by Martika