Ciara Horton-Stevenson created She Is E Magazine in 2016. Watching her mother and other female family members on their journeys to become great entrepreneurs, she knew she had to share their stories. 6 years later, she’s featured countless women and celebrity women in business. She now is the creator of He Is E Magazine as well focusing on boss men.


You have given women and men around the country the opportunity of a lifetime by being on the cover of She Is E-Magazine, and He Is E-Magazine.  What has been some feedback from your magazine, and how does it make you feel to make dreams come true?

Ciara: Great question! I often hear that they both have been game changers to individuals and their brands for exposure. That’s the main purpose outside of helping others gain the courage to share their story. We all have a story to tell!


How did both magazines get started and what keeps you motivated to stay in the media industry?

Ciara: She Is came about by a vision I had and I knew it had to be done. I began to research how to create a magazine and put something together. I had no idea what to do but somehow, I did it. He Is just fell in my lap because a publicist had a client and wanted to share his story. I decided at that moment to move forward with it. As far as motivation goes, my clients keep me motivated. Every year when I say I’m taking a few months off, the magazines book out before I know it! How can I stop when I’m booked out? I literally can’t! I realize people want to show up so why not? Lol


From your experience, what entails being a magazine publisher?

Ciara: It entails being very organized and making sure you know what and how to publish. I didn’t know how to do it when I started but over time I learned. As you develop, those things can be outsourced.


What have been some challenges that you overcome during this media journey and how did you triumph from these moments?

Ciara: Challenges I’ve had to overcome we’re getting celebrities to guest appear. When I started out, I was new without a face, but a few celebrities gave me a chance and it’s easier now than it was. Getting those no’s at first hurt but I knew eventually someone would give me a shot. Also, having other guest writers that didn’t understand my vision. Once, I had a writer tell me that I shouldn’t be doing any interviews in my magazine and only my guest writers. That was hard to hear because I love to interview people. I have since allowed guest writers to do my interviews but I don’t want to phase completely out. Since I bumped heads with this writer, she decided to part ways and even blocked me lol. It wasn’t that serious to me, but it was to her, and since as I stated before I allowed other people to step in.

What are you excited about for 2023 and what can we expect from the magazines this coming year?

Ciara: I’m excited to see the new faces who will share their stories and hopefully you all can expect to see things like more growth and bigger exposure for my brands.


Are you currently seeking assistance of any kind, if so, what?

Ciara: I would love to have sponsorships and am trying to get that set up for 2023.


Any shoutouts you would like to give to anyone who has been a part of this journey with you?

Ciara: Yes! Everyone who always supports and provides stories like other publicists etc. You all know who you are and are the best to do it.


What else would you like our readers to know about you and the amazing work that you do?

Ciara: I want them to know that I’m here for the long haul and as long as they want to share their stories, I’ll always be here!


How can we keep up to date on social media?

Ciara: Follow me at @sheisemagazine @cicreatedsheis and @he_isemagazine on IG!


Photo Credits: Bobby Kearns Photography