Civil Rights Attorney Jennifer Bonjean Esq. Talks with Sheen Magazine regarding her experience with wrongful conviction cases, and her latest client David Ian Blue

Most well-known for her high-profile cases and success in the conviction overturn of Bill Cosby, Bonjean speaks on the effects of bias and improper procedures that mar an overwhelming majority of wrongful conviction cases in America.

Many of you who are reading this may know someone personally who believes they were innocent of a crime they were convicted for. Many of you also know someone who was a victim of false accusations. We also see a number of people who were victims of crimes and didn’t receive justice. Unironically, these instances and personal cases on either side share a common thread. Bias in the justice system is so commonplace that Jennifer Bonjean, Esq. of the Bonjean Law Group, seemingly never stops working.

According to the innocence project, ” 1 percent of the US Prison population or 20,000 people are falsely convicted.”

And further, the National Registry of Exonerations states that “In 2020 alone, over two-thirds of the 129 exonerations were because of misconduct by government personnel.”

As we near February, looking back at our iconic purveyor’s of justice and equality in this nation, it’s important to have conversations with people who are on the front lines in the present-day, fighting for a system that has been inherently biased to minorities, that impoverishes; specifically African American men since the Emancipation Proclamation.

In this interview, we take a deep dive into one of the Bonjean Law Group-specific Marion, Illinois cases. A 5th generation medical professional with no prior criminal or sexual assault record, David Ian Blue, was convicted of sexually abusing his daughter and is now incarcerated in Marion, Illinois, Williamson County. Blue, the Bonjean Law Group, and his family firmly believe in his innocence.

A hearing and pre-motion press conference were held on January 14, 2022, where Jennifer Bonjean, Esq., argued before Judge Michelle M. Schafer a motion to vacate the sentence.

According to representatives from David Ian Blue, Judge Michelle M. Schafer denied the motion to vacate Blue’s sentence. However, she determined that she would provide her written ruling on whether the request for retrial would be granted within five business days. As of the time of this interview, there was no record of her decision.

We also break the tension of the conversation as we discuss all things music, girl talk, sexual equality in the workplace, and more!

Photo courtesy of MIkkoTV