ABC’s hit reality series, Claim to Fame is back for its highly anticipated second season, bringing a fresh group of celebrity relatives to the spotlight. Initially premiering in July 2022, the show introduces 12 contestants who all share one intriguing secret: they have famous relatives. As they compete for immunity and gather bonus clues, contestants must navigate the challenge of figuring out their opponents’ famous connections while safeguarding their own identities.

Season one of Claim to Fame showcased relatives of notable personalities such as Simone Biles, Zendaya, and Cindy Crawford. In a thrilling season finale, it was Keke Palmer’s sister, Loreal Chanel “L.C.” Palmer, who emerged victorious, claiming the coveted title and a cash prize of $100,000.

Returning on June 26 this year, season two of Claim to Fame brings a twist. Hosts Kevin Jonas and his brother Frankie Jonas revealed that contestants might receive misleading clues that could lead them astray and ultimately result in their elimination. Adding to the suspense, viewers will be kept in the dark this season. Unlike the previous format, the identity of the A-list relative will only be unveiled to the audience alongside the rest of the cast at the end of each episode.

The season kicked off with an emotional exit in Week 1, leaving the audience hungry for more dramatic moments. Carly Reeves, whose famous relative turned out to be Tom Hanks, was eliminated in the premiere after fellow contestant Hugo correctly guessed her secret. Carly’s departure left her in tears, venting her frustration about the “obvious” clues on the show, including a nod to “Forrest Gump” through a bench prop. Feeling short-changed by not having the opportunity to showcase her talents, Carly expressed her disappointment while packing her bags.

In Week 2, Travis Tyson found himself in the hot seat as Gabriel chose him for the “Guess Off.” Gabriel’s correct guess revealed Travis as the son of renowned astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson. The revelation evoked dramatic reactions and tears from the rest of the cast. Travis, while jokingly referring to his father’s intellect, appreciated the opportunity to meet a famous scientist who brings knowledge and inspiration to people.

Week 3 introduced Jane, also known as Jada Star, whose celebrity relative turned out to be the legendary Dolly Parton. Unfortunately, Jane was eliminated after incorrectly guessing another contestant’s famous connection. The emotional reveal of Dolly Parton as her aunt left the cast members in disbelief. Jane, now known as Jada Star, expressed her love and admiration for her famous aunt, emphasizing that this was her chance to let the world know who Dolly Parton truly was.

With several contestants remaining, including Chris, Cole, Gabriel, Hugo, JR, Karsyn, Monay, Olivia, and Shayne, the journey of uncovering their celebrity relatives continues. Expect more surprises, eliminations, and heart-wrenching moments as the season progresses.

Don’t miss out on the suspense and revelations in Claim to Fame season 2. Tune in each week on Monday to discover which contestants will be sent packing and the superstar they are connected to. It’s a thrilling ride filled with family secrets, competitive spirit, and the pursuit of fame.

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