Congratulations are in order!

Beauty 2 The Streetz founder, Shirley Raines has just recently been named CNN’s Hero of The Year.

Raines’ nonprofit was created to restore Los Angeles’ Skid Row’s houseless community with food, showers, hair and makeup servies, health and hygiene items, and more. Before the global pandemic, Raines produced 400 meals a week from her one-bedroom apartment.

This year’s hosts Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa presented Raines with this award.

In her speech, Raines said, “This surely hasn’t been easy. I stand before you, a very broken woman. My life will never be the same since my son died. But it’s important that you know that broken people are very much useful.”

She closed out saying, “I’m a mother without a son. And there are a lot of people in the street without a mother, and I feel like it’s a fair exchange.”

Congratulations Shirley Raines!