When I think of you, the sun sits perfectly

I feel it beaming on my face.

Like the smooth breeze in the springtime,

you make me feel like my favorite R&B song, I don’t want to end.

When I close my eyes, I feel like I’m back in my childhood,

running around, jumping without a care in the world.

Happier than a kid with a push pop,

I smile at the thought of you.

When I feel your hands,

protection is an understatement.

Nothing has ever made me feel so secure,

so vibrant,

so strong,

And more of a woman than you do.

The love that flows from your fingers and

from your grip.

As I lay peacefully in your arms without a care in the world,

The room is silent, the universe has spoken.

As I rise to adjust my position, I can feel your smile.

As you rest your chin on top of my head laying against your pillow,

Words are spoken through body language that has no meaning,

well, more meaning to us because we only know the language

Chocolate meets Caramel as you hold me close.

With no ill intention and I crave you more.

Thank you for bringing peace to my mind,

warmth to my heart,

a glow to my skin,

joy is what I think about.

But fear is what I feel

Because it’s just too good to be true.

Nothing you can do to reassure me of love.

It’s a battle I must overcome within myself.

I will learn to love.

I will fix what is needed within me,

so I can accept what you give to me.

I don’t want to lose you,

but I know time will not standstill.

For it is only the memories I have,

which allows me to reflect so perfectly 

when I think of you