Alicia Frizzle is passionate about spiritual formation and embodies the spirit of an intuitive helper.  She is a Certified Faith Coach, mentor, and speaker with a keen understanding of Faith and its endless benefits.  She has dedicated her life to assisting people to achieve personal, spiritual, and professional goals. She is the creator of the ALICIA FRIZZLE Faith Mindset, Cognitive and Spiritual Workbook

Tell us more about your workbook?

My workbook is about Faith. TITLE ALICIA FRIZZLE Faith Mindset, Cognitive and Spiritual Workbook to Heal Body and Soul, Scriptures Verses Journal for Growth and Positive Attitude, Devotional Toolkit Ideal for Enlightenment and Meditating BULLET POINTS Kick Start Your Virtuous Journey: Breath and Reflect upon the Goodness of the Faith and eliminate all the negative vibes. The 31 Day Journal, packed with enthusiastic divine exercises that will enhance your decision-making power, boost your courage, and fortify your Faith, bringing you closer to GOD. Grow Your Personality with Faith Goals Sheet: The Notebook, filled with interactive activities that will boost your Self-Esteem and bring clarity to your life. Now you can pursue life goals, objectives, and dreams with renewed motivation. Reveal Your Inner Strength: More than a Workbook! It will help you to keep a positive mindset, open new dimensions and expand your horizon. Get ready to change your outlook to one filled with happiness and joy. The Evaluation and Assessment Segment will help you assess your progress and keep you on the right path.

What is the gift of reading, and why does it around up a new world?

Reading is impactful because it allows the reader to absorb, digest, dissect, and revisit their own time and terms. Reading enlightens the mind, challenges assumptions, broadens perspectives, which rounds up a new world of beliefs, practices, and principles.

What inspired you to write your first workbook?

 I was inspired to create my first workbook because I realized, many issues in our day-to-day lives could be solved by simply strengthening our Faith. I stabilized all my paradigms, from my self-image, money, weight, confidence, relationships, health, depression, loss of my baby, etc., by cultivating my Faith. I want others to have this freedom to live above the noise and chaos of life, to adapt their true identity, and defy the odds all in this life while securing their afterlife. Peace, clarity, renewed vision, freedom, joy, and impact this is my inspiration!

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything about your latest work?

No, not at this time. The goal is to help others build and strengthen their foundation with Faith; the workbook is designed specifically for this purpose. There are two more volumes to come to that focus on building on Faith’s foundation and Supernatural elements. So I take them on a journey from the natural to the supernatural.

What was the most challenging part of completing this project?

The hard part was leaving out answers or breaking things down because when I speak, teach, or help someone, and I always make sure they understand. However, God did not want me to provide the answers in this volume. He wanted me to set an easy-to-follow stage, but one must seek it out on their own. So it’s fourfold – GOD says seek you first the Kingdom of God and all His Righteous then He will add to you…and it also speaks to study to show yourself approved… and it says Faith without works is dead, and the workbook brings to do all of the above and the bonus you’re bonding with your Faith along the way. So it was hard sticking to GOD’S guidelines because I usually disclose it all, which was His first time asking me not to.

What advice would you give other writers?

Let it flow – revisit as many times and necessary after but let it flow!

Describe the process of getting published?

I published with Amazon – the process was a bit challenging meeting all the alignment requirements for the cover/back page and inner pages. I finally got the drill and was approved.

How do we stay in touch?

Facebook and Instagram.

Featured Image by Ricky Green