Deion Sanders has always been know for his great personality, tremendous athletic skills and being the number one show stopper. This past week Coach Prime won his back to back conference championship but the feeling is bittersweet for some since right after the game Coach Prime announced that he would be leaving his undefeated Jackson State University Tigers to become the coach at The University Of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado.

To some this move shocked fans and to some the move didn’t. Coach Prime has always spoke about wanting to coach at a Power 5 school and now he is given the chance. Coach Deion led Jackson State to a 26-5 record so far and he hopes to close it out with a 27th win in Atlanta for the National HBCU Championship Game! We wish Coach Prime the best on his journey and we hope that what he built at Jackson State will continue and that he along with HBCUs will continue to flourish.