The world already has judgment against us. While no one was looking, they began a mockery to all, leaving us to dream bigger. What began as a desire to improve quality of life planted the seed of success to fall pursuit. Designer, & Founder of A V N U and Nostro Ghet, businesswoman Nareasha Willis took the fight and presented influence every way possible. By presenting a powerful statement from the beginning revealed the love she has for her community.

Willis stood up for what she believed in by carrying out her brands for the culture stapling the meaning “Ghetto until proven fashionable” into luxury looks. Feeling that it is important to have a positive message in any field, by making it a priority. “I make it a priority to bring positivity to any space that I’m in. I recently became a NJ Realtor to teach and encourage people to buy land. The process can be intimidating for most of us, but I work to make it as digestible and accessible as possible. I want my work to reflect the message that anything is possible for us.” Reflecting on the astonishment of bringing her brands to life, lead up to more possibilities in the end. “

AVNU the clothing brand was born from my fashion blog, Avenue N. In 2013 I started Avenue N, to highlight upcoming fashion designers of color. Gradually, it transformed into a larger movement, as more people tuned into the blog and its merch. As the merch gained more popularity, I decided to give the brand a full transition into the fashion line, AVNU. Nostro Ghet means Our Ghetto. I was gifted a book that educated me on the etymology of the word “ghetto”. The history of “ghetto” is not synonymous with Black Culture. It started in Italy where Jews were segregated, and their communities were called The Ghettos. Nostro Ghet will grow into a media platform with visuals that showcase the beauty of all cultures that are often overlooked or perceived negatively.”

Coursing a find of inspiration through everyday life invoked Willis with light for the passionate emotions she has when creating. “My daily experiences inspire me. When I was primarily a creative, I started with t-shirts. I taught myself how to heat press on garments. As I evolved, I created a luxury capsule of blazers and leathers to align with my style. Now that I’m in more conservative spaces I am planning to create dresses and power suits for women who occupy similar professional working spaces. My transition into real estate inspired me to create looks for women who work in conventional spaces who still desire to be fashionable.”

Not letting a ceiling stop her continuing growth, Willis began mastering in other endeavors while perfecting her craft. “Mastering the administrative aspects of all the endeavors I am involved in. Creativity comes easy to me; however, I want to create opportunities that are resourceful and tangible. I’m so excited to start this journey as a realtor. I joined a Black woman-owned brokerage called Conley Realty in my hometown Jersey City.” What started a dream filled its way to a reality, Willis continues to spread positivity into other artists. “A lot of times people become so obsessed with one goal that they begin to subconsciously marginalize themselves. It’s important to not put yourself in a box. Do not get attached to the results but stay focused on your goals.”

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