“A calling will always present itself when its time. I’m just glad you welcomed yours with open arms.”

Starting her brand back in 2014, Founder of Pish Posh Imani Harris found her way to incorporate art into designing’s. What started during her college years, Harris was determined to attend college with force. It was no secret that her calling would prepare her for new ventures in the end finding a home through art.

How did the pish posh girl come about?

When I started the brand, I was attending North Carolina A&T State University, a pretty family-oriented environment. My brand grew throughout campus due to my consistent networking skills, so eventually when strolling on campus, people would be like… “there goes the pish posh girl,” I really became like a little celebrity on campus, random hellos & hugs just because I was talented with my art.

When it came to the drawing board, what was the thought process behind everything?

I honestly didn’t have a set direction, most of the time, I was just creating what I felt in the moment. My designs sometimes come to me in the most random moments, through experiences and even my dreams.

What do you want others to interpret (think of) when they purchase your creations?

I want my clients to feel good and exclusive when wearing my pieces. Most of the items I create are hand painted and that is automatically a statement piece. Through experience I have noticed my supporters and clients really take pride in buying my work and it’s a beautiful feeling.

What inspired you the most to dedicate your all into your brand?

When I realized that my talent was something the world cherished, I knew I could create full time and make it a career. I was studying law in school; it didn’t make me feel good. What made me feel good was being able to drop a piece and 100+ people wanting to have it for themselves. When I seen the magnitude of support I had, I knew I had to dedicate all my time and energy into being successful with my brand.

Do you remember the first piece you ever created?

The first piece I ever created was on a black tee shirt, a bleached creation of a black woman, and I sold it for $20. I know where I created it, how I felt doing it, and who I sold it to. It was definitely a monumental moment for me when I made my first sale because it was the same exact day, I created the piece.

What were you feeling once you saw that your brand was becoming a household name?

I felt iconic, I start believing in all the possibilities and accepting my potential to be a well-known artist. My journey has been an amazing feeling, it has its ups and downs but for the most part it’s truly a beautiful experience.

Tell me more about the casting calls what do you have in store within the upcoming months?

My casting calls lately have been for shows I am on for different brands, universities, and organizations. I have been holding off on a personal show, I haven’t done one since 2019. For the months ahead, my goals are to just keep expanding, executing different marketing tactics and more collaborations.

What are some things you’ve learned from your first fashion walk through to now?

It’s a fun industry, I love the shows and pop-up shops. I have met so many beautiful people through it all and I think that’s exciting for me as well, outside of designing.

Are you currently in the process of working on new pieces? If so, can you tell me what’s to be expected?

I am currently mapping out what I will be creating for fall 2022, I need to step it up a notch. My goal is to drop a manufactured collection honestly.

Moving forward, can we expect any collaborations with other designers?

A collaboration is in the works with a very well-known philly hand bag designer who goes by Shydivah Co. Our schedules have been so busy so it’s been a process, but we plan to drop an exclusive bag collection, I can’t wait for it to come all together.

Overall, what are the two main goals that you have when it comes to Pish Posh?

I just want to create more & make more people happy with my creations. I don’t think I have enough work out right now, so it is important I buckle down and really put in more time. My second main goal is to get a gallery / storefront, that’s a big dream for me.

What message would you give yourself to remind you of the artist that you always were?

Stay true to myself, be the light the world needs & push that light onto others. I’m really big on positive energy and positive things, I know my work embodies that and that’s why it’s important I stick this dream out and change the world whatever way I can, especially when it comes to inspiring people who look to me for inspiration.