Warriors, Colourpop has just released a new makeup collection specially made for you!

Colourpop collaborated with Disney’s Mulan to launch makeup prouds and two skin care products from Fourth Ray Beauty (Colourpop’s sister brand).

Here’s a breakdown of every product in this new collection.

The Mulan Palette ($22)  includes warm-toned eyeshadows that includes 15 pans. There are mattes, metallics, and foiled shadows!

The Honor To Us All Lux Lip Trio ($25) This lip trio is Colourpop’s first-ever lip trio and man, did they do the damn thing! It includes a bright red lipstick, a gold gloss, and a rosy-pink lipstick. Each item in this trio is also sold seperately for $9 each or you can purchase the bundle for $25.

Matchmaker and Good Luck Charm Pressed Powder Blushes ($12 each) It wouldn’t be a makeup collaboration by Colourpop without blushes. Charm is a soft terracotta that includes gold shimmer and Matchmaker is a pale nude for those with fair skin tones.

Fourth Ray Beauty Face Milk & Lip Mask Bundle ($17) The Jasmine Tea Face Milk includes hyaluronic acid for those that need a little hydration on the skin. It smells just like Jasmine Tea! The Gold Lip Mask was made to give the lips a little moisture will nourishing them.



All images obtained on the official Colourpop website