With the rise in fashion lovers seeking to be connected with slow fashion brands, Parlor Social Club’s sustainable fashion event was a liaison between eager customers and local sustainable and ethically made products. The event was hosted in Brooklyn New York on Friday July 15 at  Branza Studio. Guests were able to shop local brands, mingle with each other and drink libations provided by Kansas Whiskey, a local whiskey company founded in New York. The local sustainable brands at the event include Rebecca Elizabeth, Hania, Monica Byrne, and vintage boutique Very Breezy. When chatting with the event coordinator, Vera she mentioned how important it was to give visibility to local brands and specifically highlight sustainable fashion as it is a growing industry. 

We interviewed a few of the brands that attended and while chatting with Design Director Rebecca Bush she mentioned how inspired she was during the pandemic when she created her brand Rebecca Elizabeth. With 13 years of fashion experience, Rebecca reflected on how toxic the fashion industry can be and decided to shift her industry by developing her own company. The founder mentioned how most brands only focus on sustainability, but her brand is ethically produced by a female ran factory in Williamsburg Brooklyn. The collection, The Pleiades, was inspired by Ancient Roman goddesses with each gown having names like Athena, Artemis, Aurora, Persephone, and Elektra. The collection was made with beautiful fabrics including deadstock silk, organic cotton, and organic linen. The price point isn’t aggressively high, which is sometimes expected with sustainable brands. Rebecca strategically is trying to make the styles attainable and help to change the idea of sustainable fashion in the industry. 

Another brand we spotted at the event was Monica Byrne Maison which is produced locally in New York. The company makes beautiful things sustainable and accessible for all with small one of a kind ready to wear collections and custom pieces upon request. Byrne uses recycled vintage textiles, silk mesh, and other fabrics sourced from a mill in Italy. Monica Bryne has a studio in Gramercy and partners with ateliers throughout the city to complete the collections. 

Hania is a luxury knitwear brand founded by Anya Cole. Cole was born in Poland and knew two things growing up: how to knit and how to dance. Her mom mentioned that “If you want it, you have to make it” as it pertained to fashion, so that’s how she initially began constructing her own garments. Hania has employed immigrants from all over the world to make a living by having jobs as knitters. When you buy a Hania sweater, you’re not just buying the sweater, you’re buying the story behind it. You’re buying quality products ethically and sustainably made with textiles from luxury mills. The proceeds from Hania support two charities Debra of America and Let’s Get Ready. You can also send in your old sweater and they will unravel and repurpose the yarn to make you something new or use the yarn to make items that will be donated to children’s cancer charities across New York City. “The basis of our brand is to give back and share” says founder Anya Cole.