Comeback with Erica Cobb returns for her second annual live podcast event, set in Denver, Colorado. Episode three of the live event will be the 150th podcast episode, starring Karamo Brown—host of the Karamo Show and the iconic Queer Eye on Netflix, in a full circle moment, in which the two hosts will come back together to converse and repartee. 

Years of top shelf radio broadcasting experience coupled with courageous comeback scenarios, sparked Erica’s intention for creating her podcast series. A series of setbacks ultimately encouraged her to move from The Chi to The Mile High City of Denver, after finally hearing her guidance systems loud banging on and screaming at the door, alerting her that it was time to move and to trust that further blessings were on the horizon. The Daily Blast Live co-host ignored any low vibrating human feedback about it, trusted her instincts and followed her alignment. “I remember all the times that spirit was telling me it was time to move, but I was so set on the devil that I knew, over the devil that I didn’t know,” adding that now when she receives that call, she is very obedient. 

Erica and Karamo are friends in familiar spaces, with Karamo previously being attached to The Daily Blast Live. Present day, both hosts have curated accomplished media brands and are generously celebrating and supporting each other. The NAACP Image Award nominee is sincerely collaborating at the top, while the people who love superfluous competition, busy themselves at the bottom. “None of these things would be happening if it weren’t for the spirit of collaboration.” Whether a person is working in front of or behind the camera, Erica believes fulfilling brilliant ideas require a healthy collaborative community effort. 

“I don’t have anyone who works for me or just with me, I collaborate with other talents.”

This year’s Cannes Film Festival red carpet melees, involving several high-profile woman celebrities who were invited to the event, yet physically accosted by security, including multi-Grammy award winning celebrity, Kelly Rowland, caught Erica’s attention as a much deeper message. She scrutinized how the outlets inflated Kelly’s response, following the Daily Show incident, in which the mega star chose to exit the show before being interviewed, after feeling mistreated and undervalued. The reporters did not keep that same energy, when other actresses were met with the same aggression from the same security guard on the Cannes red carpet. They questioned who Kelly Rowland thought she was and suggested that she was a nobody that had no right to act that way because she’s no Beyoncé. “What they’re really doing is dog whistling to other Black Women to know your place.”  Erica explains that the underlying message was, if we do not see you as that, then who are you to stand up for yourself. Situations such as those, are a signal to Melanated Women to stand on business about themselves and to be unapologetic about protecting their reputation and asserting ownership over themselves within any space they occupy. In Erica’s words and one of her favorite comebacks, “Don’t start none, won’t be none.”

Viewers can catch Erica’s Comeback with Erica Cobb LIVE with Karamo on YouTube via and follow Erica on social media at @EricaCobb 


Photos provided by Justine Johnson