Irin Daniels, best known for directing and producing The System (2018), Blood Ink (2013/2018), and more, is bringing to screen The Unhitch King. This movie will not only make you laugh but also provide you with a deeper perspective into the world of love and what matters most in life.

Starring New Orleans native Rob Kazi, Tahir Moore, and Constance “Connie” Garnes, This film revolves around Delbert (Rob Kazi), who gets a taste of his own medicine when his hilarious antics hurt his chances with the woman of his dreams. He stumbles into a career where he uses his comedy to break up couples for cash. After coming to the realization that fame and fortune weren’t everything he dreamt they would be, he starts to question the bigger picture after meeting a woman who alters his path as he discovers the truth about what really matters in life and love. On the surface, this movie may seem like any other romantic comedy, but it’s much more because it creates a sense of purpose that will make viewers want to examine the true meaning of life. 

“The Unhitch King will keep you locked in from start to finish. It reminds you of all the great classic comedy films”  – Rob Kazi
The film will play in select theaters across the U.S. For locations click here.
Additional Cast includes Sofia Maria, Dejean Brown, De’jan L. Johnson, Tino Cochino, Royce Bell, Lisha Coleman, MC Magic, and Bootleg Kev.

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About Irin Daniels: With over 25 years of experience, Irin “Iroc” Daniels is always looking to push the boundaries of creative expression while ensuring the highest quality results. Founded in 1998, Daniel’s record label, Iroc Records, garnered his attention from industry mainstays such as Interscope and Sony Records. Years of experience in the music industry coupled with his self-made approach to his career made way for Daniels to form Marmera Creative in 2009. The multimedia production house provides a wide range of services that include music production and film development.

About Rob Kazi: Rob Kazi is an American comedian, actor, writer, host, and musician. Kazi stepped it up a notch when he began touring with his Standup Comedy, sharing the stage with the likes of Gary Owen, Micheal Blackson, DcYoungFly, and more. He is best known for performing an array of characters, some of which include Earl the Mechanic and Brother Hakeem. Rob expanded his talents beyond comedy after showcasing his acting abilities in several feature films such as Master P’s “I Got The Hook Up 2”, an upcoming Biopic “My struggle, and now “The Unhitch King”.