Picture it, you’re at one of the biggest beauty expos in the world with a three-day pass. You’ve got a lot of ground to cover and after settling into your hotel, it’s time to game plan. Here’s the task list of what will make your trip seamless and fun!

1.) Comfy Shoes – Whether this means flats, a low heel, or tennis shoes, wear what makes you comfortable. You’ll be doing a lot of “sight seeing” and tons of great networking! Stay ready and prepared to move!

2.) Business Cards – In a world where Instagram has been considered the new “business cards,” remember the importance of a tangible business card. It’s so fun to swap cards plus they’ll gather all of your information.

3.) Photos Galore – Take as many photos as possible. The activations that each brand invests their time to create are beautifully made and photo worthy!

4.) Tote or Briefcase – Making sure you have something to carry items i.e. samples, hand outs or business cards.

Whether you’re looking to become a vendor, a beauty professional, or a consumer hoping to learn more about your favorite brands – Comsprof is for you!

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Featured image courtesy of Comsoprof website