Cher’Ron Denise LaFleur is a Confidence Coach, Professional Development Strategist, and Serialpreneur who partners with individuals, executives, and other serial preneurs to grow their personal and professional lives. After over 10 years of success in the beauty industry as a Master Stylist, she has now embarked on helping beauty professionals around the country achieve success as well.  As a mentor, she encourages emerging stylists to not only partner with clients to achieve the best version of themselves, but to become their confidant and friend as well.  It is her goal to teach women how to build their beauty empires from the ground up at

 What sparked your desire to help beauty preneurs achieve 6-figure businesses?

What sparked my desire to help Beauty preneurs achieve a six-figure business was my eagerness to see others in my line of business WIN! When I began building my business, not everyone was willing to be of assistance. I choose to be different and I believe that the first step into prosperity is helping others in need. Naturally, I am a servant at heart and it is my reasonable service to help others to build and grow their businesses into a dynasty.


What would you say to the hairstylist, make-up artist or nail technician that is struggling to build clientele?

I would tell them to know their why; know why they want to be in the beauty business and know what direction they want to take their beauty business in. Then stay focused on the main thing. What is the main thing? Their goal, dream or desire to build a business that will leave a legacy in their family.

Share the 3 top factors that helped you build your 6-figure business as a hairstylist:

Ambition, consistency and professionalism/customer service were the top three factors that helped me build a 6-figure business in the beauty industry.  I also discuss these topics extensively in my “How to Build a 6 Figure Beauty Business Course.”

Tell us more about your new course and what problems it will solve:

My course is about leading you step by step into building your dream as a beautypreneur. It teaches you how to build and sustain a lucrative clientele, how to stay motivated and keep the momentum in a challenging season, strategies for effectively managing your cash flow, how to establish your business as an entity and file taxes, the importance of saving your money and being able to have purchasing power as a business owner and as an individual. 

How can readers connect with you and learn more?

Readers can definitely connect with me here to sign up and learn more about the course. They can also connect with me on my website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & YouTube.



All images by Jarvis Releford