Your life’s moves are confidential because you never know what the results will be,

Keep your thoughts in a safe until the right time presents itself to speak up.

Be careful at all times because not everyone is your affiliate,

Even family has conditions to caring for you and loving you so definitely watch out for certain friends.

Suspicion is your instincts speaking to you trying to alert you of something not legitimate,

Listen to your instincts and follow your gut with some thought involved as well.

You want your life to have more heartwarming moments rather than heartbreaking,

People can hurt you in countless ways in your lifetime which is why it is important to protect your feelings at all times.

Your worth has more value than you believe and others probably have noticed before you,

Abandon those who are holding you back so you can make something of yourself.

Nourish yourself with love and care so that you can take care of yourself without assistance,

Speak on what you believe as many times as you desire and make sure it is for the betterment.

This feature was submitted by Troy Oglesby

I’m originally from Wilmington, Delaware now residing in Atlanta, Georgia. I have contributed to films, scripts completed, currently being casted for, and always looking for additional opportunities to showcase new work. I am also a published poet, ghostwriter for various projects, owner of my clothing line, “Real Ones Only, LLC.”, songwriter for national and international artists as well. If you would like to work on a collaboration feel free to message me.