Master Spiritual Alchemist Lala Inuti Ahari breaks down her discovery and polishing of her power and building The Conjure.


This interview was galaxies away from the implications of magic in the form of entertainment. We explored the worlds of intention, mystique and divination when we sat down for an exclusive interview with Master Spiritual Alchemist and owner of The Conjure Lala Inuti Ahari.  With an unwavering dedication to her craft and an unyielding belief in the power of self, she has emerged as a beacon of wisdom, a guide through the esoteric, and a true force to be reckoned with in the realm of spirituality.

When asked “Who is LaLa Inuti Ahari?” there was a force of both grace and power in the response

“Inuti Ahari means “Big Spirit” in Garifuna,” a language from the Garifuna people. The Garifuna people are made up of freed african slaves and indigenous people found in the West Indies and Central Americas, known for their centuries of spiritual and religious traditions. Her name alone holds historic power, however her talents come through over 100 years of lineage and history. Describing herself as Master Spiritual Alchemist and Master Manifester Ahari says,

“I teach people all over the world how to take control of their own reality by way of spirit and spiritual intervention”

In inquiring on her start she explained in detail,

“Most people that do what I do may have had some kind of inclination when they’re young. They may have felt different or odd, maybe they have empathic abilities, and are able to read a room a little clearer than others. For me as a child, I was very reserved, but I observed a lot and took in a lot.”

She went on to describe her knowing that she was different and how she began to tap “ into her gift further.

When I felt like this was something that I wanted to do , and it was powerful enough at that point in my life to start helping other people, I started practicing on people at work.”

She chuckled and continued in her soothing tone,

“I would give them things to do…bath salts, oils and spells.”

Thoroughly fascinated  by the intersection of spirituality and transformation, she continued her expansion from the start to her unique journey and the pace at which her manifestations began to present themselves. Not only for the people around her, but also the people she loves. I asked about whether she saw her beginning with work colleagues as a polisher for something larger over the horizon.

“It absolutely was, this was when i started adding more, doing more, creating more and researching  more.’’

We’ve seen a rise in the personalization of Spirituality, especially in recent years and throughout the pandemic with many seeking answers and guidance through social media, word of mouth, and self education. This movement has popularized the use of crystals, affirmations, and natural elements as accessories rather than resources and the importance of intention. When asked about the moving trends she responded with such an enlightening response

“I think everyone is spiritual, in a sense. If you can be spiritual and not even know it. Just by being an empath. Spirituality is very broad, it can be the crystals because these are things that are alive. They come from the earth and earth is alive, herbs are alive. You are believing in something within a spiritual realm. You’re Praying to it, calling on it, you have full faith in this to manifest your desires. Even a Christian can be deemed spiritual”

“As a spiritualist I don’t like to put things in a box…I feel like it’s a way to conquer and control it like they’ve done with everything else. You can use what you want and still be spiritual”

Completely enamored by the information Lala’s positive and pleasant aura continued to spill bits of information and knowledge throughout this detailed conversation.

“The deeper side of it, which is what I teach, is spiritual intervention in this realm. Calling on your ancestors to help and intervene here.”

Calling upon African spirits or the Lwa, sometimes called ‘Loa’ and other deities and gods to assist in transformative journeys were one of the many stops on the spectrum of spirituality.

“Spirituality goes deep and personal, but it can also be as simple as putting a crystal in your bra!”

And so, blessed with only fractions of Lala’s intuition, wisdom, and a dash of magic, we moved along to discuss the integration of her gift into a business. Starting in 2018 on instagram she recalls the momentum moving fast!

“People wanted more from me, it seems like the more that I put out and give, the more people want from me. So, I felt a need to help people and give them more of what they want. The business aspect began on a larger scale with creating The Conjure in January of 2019”

The Conjure, a sanctuary for those seeking spiritual guidance and empowerment, quickly became the go-to destination for individuals yearning to unlock access and manifest their own reality and power within. Where she once was limited to personal one on one interactions, The Conjure has allowed for Lala Inuti Ahari to serve thousands of people throughout the world on their spiritual journey. As a powerhouse of different pantheons Lala has created an 8-figure empire with a line of over 250 products that provide users with access to more knowledge and understanding. She talked to us more about what she has to prepare her users for.

“…Not just intention but trusting the entire process. Understanding that it’s a journey You may have blockages, you may have negative attachments. There are so many things to consider before picking a candle and lighting it. What are you really doing and putting in place to create and manifest these realities? It can’t just be one way, you have to do your

She beamed as she discussed the pride in her work while creating her products, specifically her products and spells. She stresses the importance of energy and intentions when working with spirits, incantations and spells. We went on to reference the use of spirituality as entertainment in fantasy and other film genres.

“The rhetoric seen in films and media has been harmful for years, specifically when it relates to Black Spirituality. It’s seen as evil, as dark, and it’s not true. People are not getting the right information and it’s dangerous because this is OUR spirituality and you’re playing with it”

She continued with the usage of African spirituality and how it is perceived in entertainment and media versus how eurocentrism has allowed spirituality to exist only in fiction.

I could have retained information for hours but as we closed, I inquired on what is next for The Conjure and Lala Inuti Ahari. She talked about her goal to establish a massive Conjure Convention and continuing to grow The Conjure into television and other various media platforms. We also tapped into The Conjure for two essential practices that one can do to prepare and preserve your spiritual journey. One being the use of her phenomenal products, whether it be The Conjure’s Spelled Body Souffle, and candles but also through our own control. Controlling our thoughts, controlling the energy we receive and distribute and remaining grounded throughout the process.

This interview was one of a kind and provided informative details into a sector of our culture that has remained with us through tests of time and is finally making its way to the forefront for these conversations. Lala Inuti Ahari’s work continues to help thousands and has gained notoriety among prominent networks,  brands and celebrities, however it is through her works and intentions to provide people with what they need that we continue to see her gifts make room for her in the world.

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