No matter where we are, music will always be a part of our lives. If it’s church, commercials, ceremonies and even if your radio is not on, you might hear someone’s music blasting. All different types of genres around the world for us to enjoy. That’s why Sheen Magazine is introducing you to Lavonda Lany. She has an amazing sounding new single “Victorious!”

We know that you recently released a new single, but tell us about yourself?

I’m a Christian Contemporary Music Artist, Songwriter and Event Promoter. Originally from Goldsboro, North Carolina, but currently reside in Edmond, Oklahoma. I’ve also lived in Germany for several years due to my father serving in the United States Army. I’m a wife and mother of three.

At what age did you start singing, and who inspired you?

I began singing around the age of five, in which I was apart of various choirs at school and at church. Music itself inspired me ; the feeling and various sounds is what captivates me, for I enjoy when music is unique in sound and vocally unique as well.

Who are some of your favorite artist or who inspired you?

Some of my favorite artists include Toni Braxton, Anita Baker, Michael Jackson, Prince and Jessica Reedy just to name a few.

Besides music what do you enjoy in your spare time?

My hobbies are traveling, cooking, shopping, interior decorating and visiting the beach. I really love the sound and feel of the ocean, for it brings peace and calmness. One of my future goals is to own my own live music venue.
What is some encouraging words you can offer to someone?
Always stay focused on your dream no matter what distraction that may come your way and keep God first.
What was your inspiration behind your new single and tell us about it?
It’s called VICTORIOUS and it’s available on digital platforms; also it’s the first single off of my upcoming EP which will also be entitled VICTORIOUS. I’m proud of the response it has received so far. Victorious was given to me by God in 2022. He kept telling me that 2023 was going to be a year of victory in all aspects of my life!
Photo Credits: M’ LASHELL Photography