Your wedding day is fast approaching. Designing it on your own isn’t a small job. You need to be very creative in order to pull out a magical one that’ll leave you and all your guests lost in awe.

Luckily, you just landed here. In the next few minutes, you should be well equipped with incredible tips on how to style your wedding in the most fashionable way possible. Here you go!

  1. Know The Basics Of Wedding Flowers

Frankly, wedding flowers, such as Bouqs wedding flowers, are one of the most important elements of your wedding. Their dazzling beauty and fragrant scent naturally lift the day’s mood, reminding everyone it’s a time to celebrate yet another union.

As such, you need to see to it that your choice of wedding flowers is well-thought-out. Here are some practical wedding flower tips you’ll find worthwhile:

  • Work with a wedding florist: A wedding florist can turn your wedding flower ideas into reality. You know exactly what flowers you want and how you want them arranged. Communicate all these ideas to your wedding florist, and they’ll guide you on how to best materialize your vision. 
  • Consider keeping your wedding flower budget to less than 15% of the total cost of your wedding.
  • Choose flowers and foliage that are growing in plenty at the time of your wedding. This way, you’ll not have to incur hefty import prices and fees to get flowers from overseas.
  • Go for floral arrangements that compliment your selected wedding color scheme. Choosing clashing flower colors will steal the show in the wrong way.
  1. Work With A Color Palette

Your color palette acts like the glue that binds together all the bits and pieces of your wedding. You see, your flowers, bridesmaids’ dresses, groomsmen attire, decorations, cakes, seats, table cloths, plates, cups, and the like, should match with regards to color.

Therefore, it’s in your best interest to choose the color that you really like. You can use this as the main color, and then add two or three complimentary colors. Here are a few examples of colors that perfectly go together:

  • Butter crème, rustic warm, ink gild, and fleet grey
  • Dark olive, tusk, harvest gold, and rose white
  • Vanilla ice, paprika, tumbleweed, and Paradiso
  • Crayon green, Mandy, parchment, conifer, and silver
  • Periwinkle, satin sheen gold, and Prussian blue
  1. Stick To Your Chosen Wedding Theme

The wedding theme you choose basically determines the emotional atmosphere that’ll prevail throughout your wedding. For instance, you choose a romantic theme if you want all your guests to develop deep feelings of love. Other popular wedding themes include:

  • Rustic wedding theme
  • Outdoor wedding theme
  • Modern wedding theme
  • Traditional wedding theme
  • Bohemian wedding theme
  • Royal wedding theme

Once you settle on your preferred wedding theme, ensure that all details of your wedding fit into the theme. After all, that’s the very idea of a theme. 

You don’t want to have high-end furniture and cutlery in a traditional-themed wedding. Traditional themes are aimed at transporting the minds of the wedding guests back to those days before modernization took hold. As such, every furniture piece, accessory, floral arrangement, and décor piece should be traditional. Such details are what make your wedding stand out.

  1. Dress To Kill

A perfectly decorated venue won’t solely make the wedding feel complete if the main players are not dressed to kill. You, the bride, are the main center of attention. You want a gown that:

  • Properly fits your body type; you may be pear-shaped, busty-bodied, plus size, petite, or long and lean
  • Has a neckline that you, like high neck, scoop neck, or V-neck
  • Is cut to your preferred length; may fully cover your legs and even toes, or be well above your knees
  • Is detailed to your preferences; for instance, with beads and embellishments

Here are some more dressing tips for the rest of the bridal train:

  • For bridesmaids, choose one color, but allow each of them to tailor their dress in a style that suits their body type.
  • It’s good if the bride’s and groom’s fathers’ outfits match.
  • Likewise, the dresses of the mother of the bride and mother of the groom should match in color, length, and style.


Your creativity will help you put together the wedding of your dreams. Remember, there are no hard rules when it comes to weddings. It’s your day and you have the freedom to design it as you please. Try different combinations of colors and styles until it comes out well.