Media personality Pretty See pays homage to FASHION ICONS

The word beauty has many different meanings to different people and cultures, but as its core the true meaning of beauty is, simply being who you are and appreciating who you are authentically. Being authentic can often get lost in translation in a world filled with multiple images of standard, standards that in the real world nobody can truly live up to without having to compromise who they are. From Marilyn Monroe to Kim Kardashian-West, the debate on beauty is a universal conversation. In recent years, social media has become the ultimate determination of what beauty is in today’s society and how the world should view it. Yet, no matter what society labels it as, beauty will always be defined as being authentic.

Rising to fame through the power of Instagram, Vena who is known to the world as “Pretty Vee,” has been able to set her own standard of beauty through authenticity, she says, “I always go back to what I stand by which is being bold, daring and fearless. Owning who you are and staying in your own lane not trying to be someone else. Beauty is natural and graceful. IT’s loving who you are and being confident in your own skin.” Stepping out and using her platform to build a beauty empire, Vee stepped into the world of beauty by creating her own product line sold exclusively in Citi Trends stores across the country to help others maintain beautiful and flawless skin. She says, “It’s all about enhancing. Internally you have to be beautiful and externally you want to be the same way. Having beautiful skin is an absolute must and taking care of that skin with natural products is very important. I want women to feel great about who they are.” Join us on a journey of Icons in Beauty and how they inspire Pretty Vee.


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Makeup by Lateisha Letman “Enriched by Teisha”

Hair by J. Billions Wimberley

Style by Jeremy Haynes

Assisted by Stefan Hill

Creative Direction by Vena Excell/Chanan Kennedy

Photography by Will Kennedy