The COVID-19 pandemic reached the U.S. state of Texas by March 2020. As of June 27, 2020, Texas public health officials have reported 143,371 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 2,366 deaths.As of June 2020, Texas has the fourth highest number of confirmed cases in the United States, but it is the fastest growing in the world.

Public health officials in Fort Bend County, a suburb of Houston, reported a presumptive positive test result in a man in his 70s who had returned in late February from travel to Egypt. The man was hospitalized in stable condition. The new case was the first confirmed with laboratory testing in Texas outside of US nationals evacuated from Hubei Province and the Diamond Princess cruise ship to Joint Base San Antonio in January 2020.

Lakewood Church in Houston, one of the nation’s biggest mega-churches announced it was canceling in-person services till further notice. On March 12, Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins announced five additional positive cases with one of the cases being the first instance of community spread in the North Texas area.

University of Texas president Gregory L. Fenves announced that his wife Carmel had contracted coronavirus after a trip to New York City, during which they attended several events with alumni and students. In an open letter to UT staff, faculty, and students, Fenves stated his wife began exhibiting flu-like symptoms after their trip, and tested positive for COVID-19. Both Fenves, his wife, and an additional family member had a self-isolation, and the president advised community members to follow CDC preventive measures against the spread of the virus.

44 college students from the University of Texas at Austin tested positive for coronavirus. They are part of a group of 70 college students who had chartered a flight for spring break in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Some of the students took commercial flights back home to the US, causing health and other officials to have to try to track down who else may have been infected, via contact tracing. On June 24, 2020 the CDC reported that 64 total people were infected from the trip, including 60 travelers, one household contact, and three community contacts.

On April 26 Moore County had become the first county in Texas with more than 1/100 of population infected (272). Of all infections added in Texas on that day, 1/14 came from this county having 1/1400 part (21,575) of Texas population (29,677,668). On April 27 the infection rate for Moore county became 1.3%, 15 times higher than the average value detected for Texas. Governor Abbott announced the first of three phases in a plan to open Texas up from the lockdown, allowing restaurants, retail businesses, museums, and other locations to open up at 25% occupant capacity starting May 1.

After a decline in the infection expansion in mid-April, the number of new detected infections exceeded 1,000 on April 30 for the first time after April 10, and was 1,142 on May 1. The registered number of active infections exceeded 14,000. A new highest number of daily COVID-related death, 50, was recorded on April 30.May 8: The total number of recorded COVID-related deaths exceeded 1,000. The registered number of active infections became higher than 16,000.

The number of reported new daily cases for the first time exceeded two thousand (actually exceeding also 2500). Many June daily case numbers, including the 10th, have been more than double the reported amount on May 1. Estimated number of active cases (potential infection sources among population) became above 25,000, approximately twice higher than in the end of April. The number of new cases compared to April shows that the percent of positive test results is not lower now, than it was then, while only about 15,000 tests per day were conducted the last week of April vs about 32,000 test per day for the last seven days.

Almost 5,500 new cases were recorded. Texas became the largest state in the USA in terms of new cases (California is also slightly above 5,000, 400 below Texas). Hospitalization is quickly rising and became above 4,000 (after going above 2,000 for the first time just two weeks ago).