For centuries women have been the leading face of social work.  However, more men are stepping up to the plate to serve others through various roles in social work. Josh McNeil is one male who is creating his own path to wellness.  He is using his Advanced Clinical concentration and expertise to support communities with wellness practices.  “I had youth development experiences around the world and felt I had a knack for supporting others,” says Josh on what inspired him to have a social work career. To date, Josh is ¼ of the Melanated Social Work group.  With a goal of shifting the dialogue of wellness and healing in BIPOC communities, Melanated Social Work is mental health in living color. The Melanated Social Work founders host a podcast, facilitate workshops, offer training, and host healing spaces through their clinical practice.

As a co-founder, Josh McNeil sees various aspects of reward and challenges within the social work profession and Melanated Social Work.  “I am 1/4 of Melanated Social Work and we recently won the Distinguished Alumni Award at the Boston College School of Social Work,” adds Josh McNeil. Despite this win, he still is aware of the many challenges within the profession.  “It has been challenging getting burned out by anti-Black people and systems,” he continues.  Josh continues in the fight for equality through mental wellness and healing.

“I am trying to bring wellness to Black communities through my front-facing work and researching about Black male holistic wellness interventions.” he expresses. Josh is taking a bold stance within the social work profession and it’s commendable. He is changing the narrative for BIPOC wellness.  His clinical offerings are valuable within the community. Josh McNeil is shifting the stereotypes of men in social work and also men receiving therapy for their healing.  He is a trailblazer who joins the fight each day for equitable clinical care.  Connect with Josh McNeil here:;; and on Instagram as @melanatedsocialwork.

Writer C. Scott is an authorpreneur, mom, and freelance writer who also offers literary services. Follow her online as @curls_coils.

Photos courtesy of Josh McNeil