Beyond the Chair is a podcast and informational series created by Trishonna Helm and Destine Patton. The purpose of Beyond the Chair is to help service providers get rid of the services they are providing by creating passive income within the same fields to niche markets.

Can you tell us more about who is Trishonna Helm and Destine Patton?

Trishonna helm is a serial entrepreneur who learned entrepreneurship at an early age shadowing her mother who opened two hair salons. Trishonna quickly learned to do hair at the age of 6 and been creative and bio savvy pretty much ever since!  After a few failed side hustle attempts, Trishonna decided to really take herself serious as an entrepreneur by launch her online clothing store Genrevaein back in 2014. Her clothing store took to multiple states in the US & collaborating with influencers to wear her clothes. While in California Trishonna took a pit stop at an ice cream shop and decided to launch a rolled ice cream shop in her hometown of Omaha Nebraska. Earning her 6 figures in 60 days! Her business got some buzz in the media and the rest Id pretty much history. Destine Patton is from the heart of Detroit! The real nitty gritty. From a very young age she’s always had hustle in her heart, she got a under the table job at 13 and hasn’t stop getting to the bag since! Destine starting a clothing boutique in college and shortly after she started a successful hair business called Sidity City. So many women looked up to Des for being so good with marketing and branding so she left her business and started teaching other women hoe to elevate their businesses!

Can you tell us more about the podcast, Beyond the Chair, and how the name came about?

Beyond the chair Is a podcast that just kind of fell into our laps. Des and I both come from a background of doing hair and hustling. We realized that we could help service providers make more money beyond just what they know. Which is behind the chair. We were supposed to just take a day and film content and it turned into a full-blown podcast. The positive feedback we received overnight was confirmation to keep going.

What was the motivation to launch Beyond the Chair?

The motivation to launch beyond the chair really comes from the passion we have to push our community. We as a culture get so content with doing the least that we forget to dream. We forget to challenge ourselves. So, although we may be cute, fun and funny. We have that desire to help our people soar. We deserve luxury!

What makes Beyond the Chair different and stand out from other podcasts? 

Beyond the chair Is so different because we can talk sex, we talk business, and we talk financial literally! What more can you want from one setting? We love to learn, and we love a good laugh, but we find ourselves having to subscribe to two totally different podcast! So, ours is all the juice in one! (Des spruce it up)

What are some topics that you touch on with your show?

In our show we hit you with some tea that’s going on in the beauty industry. Rather it be a new trend, or something crazy that done happened. We also have tequila truths where we sip a lil something and get real spicy! Lol. We also Iove to highlight some people who took a risk and got a bigger reward. (Spruce this up)

What advice could you provide to other women that are interested in starting a podcast, but are not sure where to begin or will be taken seriously?

Listen if you want to start a podcast or a business in general, do it! What’s the worst that can happen? You gotta believe that you can never lose. You only learn or it’s s lesson. Quit thinking it’s s loss! Shift that mindset of everything happens for me instead of to me, will allow you to be more fearless. It’s takes guts to put yourself out there, but it takes bigger guts to Believe in you. And it’s about Consistency! (You can add on)

What can we expect from Beyond the Chair in the future?

Beyond the chair will be a household name! We want to take this company as big as God will allow! We want to have the biggest podcast on the world! Even a talk show. Or reality show! We can’t to use our personalities to help change lives and not just because we are entertaining! We act have a deeper message to get a-crossed! You’ll see us with some celebs collabs. Some events and some more…

Photo Credits: Beyond The Chair