Every single business coach will tell you that you need to create goals so that you know what you are working towards. Well, that’s not the whole story though. It goes beyond just writing goals down on paper.

I am a certified media coach who specializes in helping small business owners reshape their public image. While I absolutely LOVE what I do, I can admit it is challenging at times when my clients have big dreams yet small vision. It was at that moment I realized how important goal setting really was.

By definition, goals are, the object of a person’s ambition or effort, an aim or desired result. Knowing that, I know that it takes the ambition, the desire, the motivation and the endeavor to achieve your desired end game.

Why do we need goals? We need them so that we know where we want to go towards, right? Without goals, we are basically wandering around in the darkness hoping that we reach the right place. But, we also use goals as a motivational tool to give us that boost of energy to work towards them.

If you ask any business coach, one of the key points they will tell you to achieve success is to write down your goals. Well, that’s not the whole story though. Just writing them down doesn’t give you that energy boost that you need to achieve success but I’ll tell you my secret to goal setting.

First, you have to start dreaming again and not the dreams that you have when you sleep at night, but the dreams that you had when you were kids like, “I wanna live in a mansion when I grow up.” Don’t be afraid to dream big because odds are, if you dream big but only reach halfway, that’s still halfway farther than if you didn’t dream at all.

Okay, so let’s talk about your mansion. Just writing down a mansion in your Goals list isn’t enough. Write down details. What kind of architecture would it be? Would it be a fairy tale type of castle? Would it be an Italian Villa? How many bedrooms? What about an indoor pool?

Another secret to goal setting is to find images of some of the things you want so that you can picture them clearly in your mind. It gives your goals a sense of realism than if you were to just think about the word “mansion.” Find some pictures of Italian Villas or indoor pools or whatever it is that you want and just imagine yourself in there.

For me, I’m a luxury car gal so I’ve got a few cars on my list. Right now, I drive a big body Mercedes sedan but that’s not enough. Like I said, you have to dream big if you want to hit it big so I’ve got the Lamborghini Urus on my list. I’ve saved images of this SUV onto my computer and even set a couple of different colors as my desktop images on my iMac monitor. I know the colors I want and all the options that it provides. It makes it much more real when you get down to the details.

So, you can start with making a list of your goals but you need to go farther. Get into the details. Find images. Picture yourself owning those items already. Doing this will only help you in whatever venture you choose to go with.

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