Nationally accredited Keayna Washington is changing the narrative in the consumer and business credit industry. As a member of the National Association of Credit Services Organization she operates in excellence and integrity. This is done by educating and advocating for her clients at a level where most experts are not willing to share. As the world faces unforeseen circumstances Keayna is using her time to create more success stories and add smiles to the faces of individuals who are now put in positions to provide for their families. I took a moment to chat finances and the future with Keayna Washington.

What is KNA Global Enterprises?

Kna Global Enterprise also known as Kna Credit Counseling & Tax Service is a national certified credit consultant firm. We help individuals and families in all 50 states learn and obtain financial freedom. We pride ourselves on educating our clients on how to maintain good credit and allow their credit and finances to work for them. Owner and operator Keayna Washington is a National Loan officer who focuses on first time home buyer education and placement. Keayna is also Co-Founder of KNAX529 Business and Branding Development where she offers a program that helps business owners become structured, formatted and developed through an array of business services.

How does your company serve its clients?

At Kna Global Enterprise all services are tailored to individual client needs. We offer expertise and educational tunnels to not only provide clients with service but also on coaching. Coaching individuals on how to focus on inner talents. Knowing the product; creatively problem solving; personalized service; help customers help themselves and last but not least, accommodation.

How has your business been able to sustain during the Pandemic?

As a nation we were all put in a position to except and accept the worst during the pandemic. However, I had another plan and vision in mind not only for the company but for my clients. When you hear the word crisis the first thing you think of is the money. How will you retrieve it, manage it and save it? Because we knew these three components would be determining factors of families serving tactics. We tailored our program to educate individuals on how to capitalize off of good credit and managing lines of personal credit as well as levying on business credit for business owners. I also will be sharing in debt details on the good and bad challenges faced during the pandemic in my upcoming book “Entrepreneurs Not Defined by A Pandemic”.

What’s your WHY behind the start of KNA?

Knowledge and Accessibility is the why behind Kna Global Enterprise Inc. I obtained the knowledge when I became a product of the product. Yes, there were hurdles faced during some very crucial times in life. Those hurdles prompted me to take control of my financial freedom. During the journey, I learned the meaning and needs of credit and how accessible it could be if you were educated on how to obtain it.

Why do you think many people have not sought-after credit services, but instead file bankruptcy?

Honestly, answering people typically use bankruptcy as an escape goat. As a fresh start or a new gain, as they would say. However, in all actuality the lack of knowledge that individuals possess is the reason they feel a need to file bankruptcy versus their decision on choosing bankruptcy over credit repair service. Not everyone should file bankruptcy because it doesn’t fit everyone’s needs. Nor should everyone utilize credit repair if it doesn’t fit their financial needs.

What can you base the success of your company on thus far?

The success has been built on process. Our journey is the process of working through steps of growth to reach the next level of growth. Motivating and inspiring, providing awareness, action, attraction, and accomplishment. Kna Global Enterprise Inc company is not an event or service, we are an empire of greatness and growth. Kna Global Enterprise Inc motivations are to not just clear up your personal credit, establish business credit or educate you as a first time home buyer. Kna motivations are based on providing tools to help you build your best life.

What’s next for KNA Global Enterprises?

As we approached 2020 we were eager to create a new dynamic. Those dynamics now opened up new doors, new revenue and new approachability. Join us as we display our growth and encouragement worldwide. We are sure you’ll be intrigued, innovative and motivated. Follow us on our social platforms. Instagram-, knax529; Facebook- Kna Credit Counseling, Twitter- , Linkedin- Kna Global Enterprise/ Keayna Washington.

Leave us with three tips to start people on their credit repair journey.

Tip 1: Educate- Understand the importance and means of credit.

Tip 2: 5 Cs- Capacity, Capital, Collateral and Character of your credit profile.

Tip 3: Visit our website.



Featured Image by Bria Williams Bemore Photography