Culture Creators, the esteemed organization dedicated to recognizing, celebrating, and uplifting trailblazers across Black culture, held its highly anticipated inaugural “Artistry Unveiled” dinner in partnership with Bisquit & Dubouché on September 7, 2023. The exclusive event, which took place at Avra Madison Estiatorio in the heart of New York City during New York Fashion Week, brought together a prestigious gathering of influencers, art collectors, industry leaders, friends, and family to pay homage to the acclaimed textile artist Bisa Butler.
Joi Brown, founder and CEO of Culture Creators, shared her enthusiasm towards the night, expressing, “Artistry Unveiled is a testament to the power of creativity and culture. It’s a platform where we celebrate the artistic brilliance of individuals like Bisa Butler while discussing the importance of preserving and promoting Black culture in the art world. Through art, we tell stories; these stories, once woven together, create the fabric of our shared human experience.”
The evening was marked by heartfelt conversations about the significance of Black culture in the art world, the power of storytelling through diverse artistic media, and the encouragement of people of color to view art as a wise financial investment. Ingrid Best, the founder, and CEO of IBest Wines, delivered an inspiring address where she emphasized the importance of art as an appreciating asset and recalled how her passion for art led her to establish a company that bridges the worlds of art and wine.
Best mused, “Through art, we glimpse into the essence of culture, and it was this passion for art that inspired me to build a company that marries my love for art with the world of wine. I firmly believe that art is not just a beautiful expression; it’s a smart investment that appreciates over time, enriching both our hearts and portfolios.“
Bisa Butler, the celebrated textile artist, shared her insights on how her artwork reflects her community and the rich stories embedded within it. She underscored the importance of seeing one’s culture and community represented in art.
Among the guests in attendance were notable personalities and art collectors from various industries, including Angela Yee, entrepreneur, and media maven, Malaika Jones, founder of Brown Girl Jane, Adebunmi Gbadebo, visual artist renowned for her sculptures, paintings, and prints using human hair sourced from people of the African diaspora, Howard Lindsay, Vice President of the Global Markets Division for Goldman Sachs, Rahquel Purcell, Chief Transformation Officer – L’Oréal North America, Malcolm Ellis, Head of Diverse Investments – Pronghorn, Tai Bauchamp, founder of Brown Girl Jane and My Morning Mindset, Kimberly Wilson, Senior Editor – Essence Magazine, Tasha Hilton, Zuri Plair, and Buni David, National Sales Director – DESIRON.
The evening culminated with a celebratory toast of Bisquit & Dubouché, one of the oldest and most sophisticated cognac brands known for its deep-rooted tradition, commitment to family, and close association with the world of art.
Culture Creators proudly announces that the “Artistry Unveiled” series is set to continue, shedding light on talented creatives worldwide while providing a platform for individuals to come together to celebrate, elevate, and invest in Black culture.