We as women, specifically mothers, must often wear many hats. We place the well-being of our children, significant others, and careers above our own personal needs. As a result we unintentionally place our goals & dreams on the back burner.

However Curvy Moms with a Passion (CMP) is here to help women change that narrative by helping them reignite their passions. CMP’s goal is to Empower, Enlighten, and Enrich women through modeling in the form of fun, interactive group centered activities.

CMP helps women to create a true support system, revitalize the glamor lost by the demands of the everyday routine and afford them a platform to share their stories of overcoming & their passions with the world. We believe that there is a fierce super model in every woman and it’s our mission to unlock it!!!

At Curvy Moms with a Passion we embrace the belief that every woman is fearfully & wonderfully made. We also believe in the methodology that “Each One Teach One”. Our hope is that every woman we Empower, Enlighten, & Enrich will pay it forward and invest that energy into another woman.
If you’re a mother that knows you’re destined for something greater…..If you’re amother that has a passion that needs to be fulfilled…..then Curvy Moms with a Passionis here support you on that journey!


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Curvy Moms with a Passion from Greenville, SC, consist of 2 Model Moms; Ines and Sierra. We met through modeling and we instantly became Model Sisters.

Curvy Moms with a Passion’s mission is to empower moms to pursue their passion. Whatever that passion may be, it is never to late to following your dreams.

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