It’s 2021 and brands across the nation are taking the necessary steps to become more transparent and inclusive.

Back in 2018, CVS introduced their Beauty Mark initative, which committed to no-Photoshop guidelines for the imagery in their stores, on their website, and in their marketing.

This pledge also required brands sold at the retailer to disclose whether or not their imagery was altered. since then, CVS has continued to live by this. More recently, CVS has entered a new Beauty Mark phase, focusing on mental health effects of increased screen time due to the ongoing pandemic.

In an official statement, President of CVS Pharmacy and Executive Vice President of CVS Health, Neela Montgomery said, “We are proud to lead the beauty industry in making a bold statement that supports the mental health of our customers, especially young women.” Adding, “We hope this authenticity will continue as the pandemic has created new and different issues in this space.”

In fact, Dr. Pamela Rutledge and CVS conducted an online survey among women from 18 to 35. In their survey, they found that 56% of women would rather give up something they love for a week than post a photo online about which they don’t feel confident.

That’s not all, the retailer collaborated with Nyma Tang to make her their beauty inclusivity consultant to continue equity efforts. Tang will work with CVS to ensure an inclusive shopping experience.