She may be known as a Supermodel or even a former peach holder of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but now the Alabama-born beauty is putting in the work to break through in Hollywood as an actress!

Since saying toodles to “RHOA” in 2021, Cynthia Bailey has been quite busy these days, as she is adding to her resume and has joined the Season 2 cast of AllBlk’s ‘Terror Lake Drive: Single Black Female’. The horror anthology series follows terrorized tenants of the fictional Freeman Lake Apartment complex in Atlanta, where several women have been abducted and the crime rate is at an all-time high.

Bailey, who plays Rose, is a new resident of the Freeman Lake Apartments along with her nephew whom she cares for. Now that Rose’s nephew has become a potential suspect for the detectives investigating the disappearances at the Freeman Lake Apartments, she must resiliently protect both herself and her kin from the dangers that continuously plague the recently crime-ridden city of Atlanta.

Sheen got a chance to chat with The Bailey Wine Cellar founder about her new acting role and what fans can expect next. Find out here!

For those who are unfamiliar with the series, Tell us a little about Terror Lake Drive: Single Black Female.

The series focuses on Freedom Lake apartments, where women have been coming up missing. It’s not haunted but it’s been a lot of crazy things that have occurred in the apartment complex. Rose, who I play, moves into this complex with her nephew. Rose is a product of the foster care system and her sister Stephanie is one of the women missing from Freeman Lake Apartments. So, I begin taking care of my nephew, Darnell and protecting him in hopes of finding my sister Stephanie.

What can fans expect from the new season?

Well, fans can expect a lot. There are women that are still missing, and there is a new suspect who may be killing the missing women, there are just a lot of moving parts in the 7-episode season. Fans just have to tune in, it’s an exciting thriller! (She laughs)

ALLBLK, which the platform that ‘Terror Lake Drive streams on is unapologetically Black and depicts the different stories in the Black community. Would you say that played a role in your interest in this project? If so, what also would you say interested you in this project?

Absolutely. One thing that interested me about Terror Lake Drive from the characters, storyline, politics, to the state of the world is that it depicts all the things that we go through in the Black community.

Also, as a new actress, I can’t be too picky, so I am excited to just be working. I’m excited to play ANY role. (She laughs). When I came out to LA, I had to come here with a different mindset, be very humble and grateful to just be welcomed into the acting community. As a reality star, it’s hard to get the respect and you have to show up and come ready to work hard, as you should. So, with that said, I am simply happy to get any role big or small. You may see me in a role where I only have two lines and I will be ecstatic about my two lines. (She laughs) This is the only way I will continue to learn and get better. You have to be intentional.

What was the best part about shooting this series?

Well, I am a mother to a young woman and I got to raise a girl. However, as Rose, I get to tap into being a mother bear for a young male and see what that is like. You know boys and girls have different experiences in the world, so I had to tap into that and learn how to be a guardian for a young black boy in Atlanta. So that was cool.

Would you say there are some similarities between you and Rose? If so, what?

Yes. As the oldest of three siblings, I am definitely a protector. When you’re the oldest you tend to take on everything. I have always felt like I protected my sister Mal, my brother Thomas and even my Mom. So, having that protective energy is something I just took on as the oldest child.

So, bringing that protective trait into Rose’s character was very easy for me because that is a lot of who I am in real life.

What can fans expect next from Cynthia Bailey?

Well, my fans have seen Cynthia the Supermodel, Cynthia the reality star and now you’re getting a chance to see Cynthia the actress. What is next? Honestly, this may be the last stop for me. I really want acting to be my focus and I’m really excited about it. I’m really enjoying this chapter in my life and I’m enjoying tapping into the roles of different characters. In acting, I get an opportunity to play a role so well, that you forget you’re watching Cynthia Bailey the Supermodel or from Real Housewives of Atlanta. I want to continue to evolve as an actress.

If you haven’t tuned in yet, check out Bailey in season two of “Terror Lake Drive,” streaming now on AMC’s streaming service, ALLBLK. Watch the trailer below.