Dai Time is a revolutionary influencer and host who has been paving her path since her early adolescence. I had the opportunity to catch up with her about her vibrant spirit, her path, and her future endeavors. Tap into her inspirational story! 

What are some lessons you’ve learned in life so far since beginning your career?


I’ve learned so many lessons in every aspect of life, but my biggest lesson is to go strong in the beginning because second impressions are not guaranteed. 


You’re not a typical 18-year-old; how do you balance career and school?


Balancing college life and regular, daily life is so difficult. I miss out on a lot of fun outings with friends when assignments are due, but I best believe I figure out ways to do both. 


What are some red carpet beauty tips you apply when getting ready?


Red carpet beauty tips start with plenty of sleep and drinking lots of water. Hours before the carpet, I do a quick yoga or pilates session just to warm up my overall body and mood. My get-ready makeup look is definitely a good eyebrow combination and possibly a skin tint moisturizer with a popping lip gloss. 


What’s something most people wouldn’t know about you?


I’m a real-life double dog mom. I have two dogs that sleep with me every night, and we eat together when I’m home.


How has fashion and beauty implemented itself in your life?


Fashion and beauty go hand in hand. When you look your best, you definitely feel your best. I love dressing up, but I’m also cool with wearing a cute sweatsuit. I find myself spending hours and hours researching the latest beauty and fashion trends. 



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