There are few celebrities as prolific as Damon “Dame” Dash. His contribution to the urban art form can’t be denied. Dame can spot talent from a mile away. For years, post-Roc-A-Fella and during, Dash has been known for finding the diamond and ensuring that if an opportunity can be made, he’ll provide it. Just ask Kevin Hart, Lee Daniels, and Kanye West. 

“That movie gave me my first tape that could be my reel. I only got my manager because of Paper Soldiers” Kevin Hart.

Over nearly 20 years, he’s embodied the transcendent hustler’s ambition through multiple industries and his impact on Hip-Hop can’t be outsized by his ability to create Hood Classics. 

A chance encounter with Dame Dash, if you’re prepared, could be an opportunity to change your life. 

Enters Lucien Watson., a Chicago SouthShore Native, who was the first person ever to rap on a Kanye West beat. They reconnected,  in the middle of quarantine, and during Ye’s Presidential campaign, Watson finds himself in Wyoming at Kanye’s house. In a room with Dame Dash. 

Lucien recalls, Yeah, I was cracking them up, we’re around senators, celebrities, and all these kinds of people, and Dame told Kanye he was going to put me in a movie.” 

(Dame makes fun of Lucien’s interview voice ) “Yo, is it this polo, why are you talking like that? Why is your polo buttoned all the way up like that? “ 

Lucien quips back, “ I can’t talk to a grown man with no shirt on, put on a shirt.” 

Dame and Lucien met me on Zoom, so Dame had just made it home and was wearing a red Versace robe, shades, and a pair his branded Mr. CEO shorts.

Watson didn’t intend to shoot a movie during his trip to his friend’s house. However, his comedic timing convinced Dash, at the apex of his creativity, was something very special. 

Shortly after that, within a matter of days, Lucien was starring in his first film. STONED. Because Watson is that funny, and Dash is that insightful. 

The interview you’re about to read is in between laughter, the entire session of this conversation could have been a comedy show within itself. 

Dame, please describe from concept to production the time it took to create.

Dame: I took about 24 hrs to get everything together for the film, and Kanye flew out my film crew on a G5 and brought them to Wyoming. It took me two days or less to write the film.

I think we can’t ignore the luxury of what was going on, creatives create, and we had time, we were in the middle of COVID, on Kanye’s ranch, with space and opportunity, and we just went to work. We completed the film in 6 days. 

A lot of times when a creative says, let’s collaborate there’s usually a delay. 

Dame: Yeah cause there’s money involved we again were in Wyoming on Ye’s ranch, with nothing to do, he and I didn’t really want to work out what we had to work out. He had a lot going on at the time, the presidential run and those things, but we chose to create. 

The world needed a weed movie so I made one. 

Lucien: I think a movie like this is important because it highlights that weed is legal in some states, and people are making a huge profit from it, but I have friends that are still locked up on weed charges. 

You’ve had pivotal influence behind many different types of films, all which became cult classics, did you know they would turn into that when you were creating them? 

Dame: Yes, I don’t make anything without the assumption that it’s going to be a classic. 

Film Process DAME DASH: So with comedy it doesn’t have to have a lot of structure, we gave them the script each night and the next morning they just played off each other. 

Dame: You can learn a lot about people by who their friends are. Lucien, and Kanye’s friends, while I was in Wyoming I realized that he’s got some real good hood dudes around him, and that says a lot about who he is. 

For those people who have never seen a stoner movie, do you recommend they should see it? 

Dame: They should come, smoke some weed, maybe some mushrooms, and a vodka tonic. 

Too many drugs … 

Dame: As you watch the movie you’ll see there’s some weedy effects it gets trippy. 

Let’s stop waiting on the world to tell us what the culture needs, let’s support independent thinkers who have proven their ability to transcend classics . Check out STONED

More about Watson and Dash: 

Watson  is currently launching The Dufflebag Project, in collaboration with founder Ariel Rainey of Hustle Mommies to empower Black fathers and their sons who have been impacted by the lack of investment within Black and urban communities. The organization’s intent is to elevate the presence of Black Fathers to homes and communities. 

Dash is currently in development Paid in Full 2, Stoned 2, and in collaboration his partner Raquel Horn with her children’s book series, DUSKO GOES TO in honor of their son under Apple Fish Kids which is an early learning platform geared towards early learning literacy. 

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