As an entrepreneur, actress, playwright, producer, casting director, and best-selling international author, Diana Hicks-Hungerford proves, it can be done.

Dana has managed to push through roadblocks, naysayers, as well as many trials and tribulations to make several of her dreams come true.

What is the inspiration behind your most recent project?

Dana: I became determined to get my stage play “A Woman’s Love” on stages around the Nation.  The story will make you laugh, cry and open your eyes to understand that every action will cause a reaction.  I‘ve also been inspired by so many talented actors throughout the DC Metropolitan and I wanted to give them a shot at making their dreams come true.  A lot of talent gets overlooked if you are not in a certain circle.  I want to be the change and be known for the great stories that I write and the talent that I hire.  The team that my husband and I put together did everything that we knew they could do.  They represented Hungerford Distribution on a five-star level from beginning to end!  We were able to say that we had a “Sold Out” debut stage play weekend.  The rave reviews let me know that I’m truly on the right path and I thank GOD for that!  The GREAT Spike Lee created superstars and that’s the inspiration that I want to follow.

What motivates you to keep going daily?

Dana: Throughout my life I have made plenty of bad decisions.  I struggled with an ecstasy pill addiction for over 15 years.  I had a stroke and went into depression when my dad died.  Those are just a few things, there’s much more but we would need more time.  GOD gave me his GRACE & his LOVE to get through everything that I have been through, so that’s all the motivation that I need.  I owe it to myself and my family to be the best version of myself!  GOD pulled me through so many storms and keeps me going for a reason.  I’m determined to not let myself down ever again & that is why I go super hard for everything that I desire.

How do you balance your businesses, writing, producing, and still maintain personal and self-care time?

Dana: I literally plan everything.  It might seem impossible to multitask so many things at one time, but for me, it’s not.  If I get extremely tired, I just stop!  My family comes first, so no matter what’s going on in my life I get in plenty of family time.  My husband and I are not only partners in everything, but we also do everything together.  My mom is my best friend and if I’m not hanging out with my husband I’m hanging out with my mom.  It’s funny because in my mind my two brothers had their children for me.  I play auntiemommy all year around and I have a total of 9 nieces and nephews.  Even after saying all of that, I still find time to spend with my bonus daughter, bonus parents, other family members, and good friends too.  I honestly think that if you want to make something happen bad enough that you will find a way.


What would you like our readers to gain from this interview?  

Dana: No matter what you have been through you can still rise to the top!  You must always go hard for yourself becausenobody owes us anything and we owe ourselves everything. Lastly, keep GOD first and just don’t call on him when times are bad, give praise when times are good.

How can people connect with you? 

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