You don’t have to look like her because you’re not her. You are too unique to be compared to anyone; always know that it’s not your job to portray the physical image of another woman to make anyone happy. You were blessed with attributes and qualities no other woman compares to. It makes you stand out. Be who you are and not who the world wants you to be. You will be accepted by those who were meant to be in your life. My greatest fear is for you to become someone you don’t recognize, even when standing in the mirror as your reflection glares back at you. Until you can love yourself, you cannot expect the world to. Be who you are without fear; never doubt your blessings and stop over thinking what you want. Take control of your mind and pursue the happiness that haunts you daily. I encourage you to step out on faith and dare fear to watch you achieve every dream you’ve ever had. You are beautiful and if the world can’t see that it’s their lost, not yours.