As Black women, we all experience discoloration due to shaving, pregnancy, weight gain or loss, and chaffing. We tiredly look for a product that we can use without careful application as we are not trying to lighten all of our skin – just the area that is discolored. Black-owned biotechnology skincare company Dark Parts® focuses on understanding the complexity of treating Black and Brown skin and has created the perfect, effective product time to address discoloration of visible and intimate areas like underarms, bikini line, and between the thighs.

Dark Parts® uses extensive scientific research to explore how melanin functions, and reacts differently to external factors. Founded in 2020, this company has come a long way in recognizing that not every product is universal in the treatment of melanin-rich skin. It’s understood that darker skin is more susceptible to sun damage when unprotected and dark circles and stubborn hyperpigmentation. Dark Part’s line of carefully selected KOJi Max products includes Vitamin C serums, Acid Body Scrubs, and PH neutralizers – all tested and created to attack these common issues. The research of Dark Parts® has continued to aid in formulas that meet the individual needs of various skin types and PH balances.

Any Dark Parts® experience ensures that consumers feel a sense of security in knowing that every product is made by and geared towards elevating people of color. Dark Parts® products and treatments are essential in shifting support from one-dimensional displays of beauty to foster an appreciation for all melanin skin shades.

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All images courtesy of Dark Parts